Ice Skating

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Imagine the densi scene but with tiva instead 👌 Not exactly same but I got the idea from the densi scene 😍 Hope you like it!

Tony stood with McGee and Delilah and talked. He looked out over the rink and catched Ziva on the ice. He chuckled as he saw her fall. "See you guys." He said and skated away. She tried to get up but fell down again. He stopped infront of her and reached out his hand for her. "What are you doing here?" She said annoyed. "Thought you needed help up." He said and she reached for his hand. "You have never ice skated before?" He asked as he helped her to the edge of the rink. "No." She responded shortly. "Okay, well, look how I do and stay here so you don't fall again." He said and let go of her. He skated around for a minute. He came back to her and she was down again. As stubborn she is, she had of course tried again. He smiled as he reached for her hand again. He helped her up and she said "thank you." "Ok, take my other hand too." He said. She looked weird at him. "Why?" She asked. "Just do it." He said. She grabbed his hand and held it tight as he started to skate slowly. "Tony what are you doing?!" She said nervously. "Learning you how to skate. Relax, you won't fall. My mom learned me to skate this way." He said and looked at her. "You have been in US for 8 years, never ice skated before?" She shook her head. "Then it's time to learn." He said with a smile. After a while he let go of one of her hands. "No Tony, I will fall." "You won't. I'm still holding your hand and you are getting good at this now." She nodded. They skated into the edge of the rink. They stood next to each other. "When the time comes, you can't get it out." She said with a sigh. "Uhm.." She took some step closer and grabbed his hand. She intertwined their fingers and looked at him. "Tony, you are so loved." She looked at him and he looked back. He cupped her face and kissed her. They pulled back some millimeters and smiled. Then she leaned closer again.

Short story, I know. Sorry I haven't updated in weeks. School is keeping me busy and I'm pretty empty for ideas. Feel free to request a story. 😊

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