10 || Truth

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Luke and I were watching tv right now. I have to feed him because it's quite hard for him to eat with both of his knuckles were bandaged.

He didn't talk that much since yesterday. I really want to stay with him until he gets better, but I can't, tomorrow's school day.

We were watching White Chicks. He laughed a bit tho, but he didn't talk.

"Drink your water." I said and stood up, I looked at him, who was staring at me.

"What?" I raised my eyebrows at him.

He raised his arm and nodded to his knuckles. Oh.

"Sorry.." I softly chuckled.

After I let him drink, I put all the dishes in to the sink and washed it. I felt a strong arms wrapped around my waist. His chin was resting on my shoulder, watching me as I cleaned the dishes.

He stayed in that position to everywhere I go. After I put all his cereal boxes in to the cabinet, I sighed and hold his hands that was rested on my belly.

"I really want to kiss you one day.." He mumbled.

"Let's go shopping," He said, "..my treat!" He kissed my cheek then walked upstairs.

"You can't drive with your bandage on," I said. He unwrapped his bandage and smiled. "There, now we can go!"

He ran upstairs to his bedroom.

"I need some clothes!" I shouted.

"Can't you use your boy's clothes?" He shouted back.

"My boy?" I said as I stepped in to his bedroom.

"Yeah, I'm your boy right?" He smirked, I chuckled and shook my head at him no.

"Oh really?" He smirked and stepped closer to me.

We both stare at each other for a second, then I ran away, wanted to go downstairs but got caught by him.

"You're not going anywhere princess." He said, carrying me bridal style.

He put me down on his bed and started to tickled me. I laughed loudly trying to swat his hand away, but he kept on tickling me.

"L-luke s-stop you m-maderf-faker!" I shouted.

He stopped and stood up, pulling his clothes off. I stared at him, his toned chest, damn.

"Having fun staring?" He smirked, I rolled my eyes at him.

He gave me his Nirvana tees, for my pants, I'm just going to use my black shorts that my mom brought for me a few days ago.

Luke decided to wear his Blink-182 tees and his skinny jeans. He was wearing his beanie, and he looked hot.

"You don't wear beanie that often, and you looked hot." I chuckled and he joined me.

"Yeah, thanks." He smirked and I smacked his chest, he winced and hugged my waist.

"Let me go!" I laughed. He let me go and intertwined our hands, "Ready?" He asked.

"Yeah, wait, I need to text my mom." I said and took out my phone and text my mom saying that I'll be with Luke this whole day. She replied instantly saying 'okay'.

"Alright, let's go." I said and we both walked out.

We've arrived at a big shopping mall. We both stepped out of the car, he grabbed my hands and walked towards the entrance.

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