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I walk in and see you on the bed; you're in your comfy clothes, yoga pants and a tank top.
"Welcome home, Alex!" You say with a smile on your face as you put down your book.
"Reading as always, I see?"
You blush and look away. "The house gets lonely while you're away... Reading is my escape. I'm glad you got the promotion, Alex, but do you really have to be on the road this much?"
"Please, Rose, you know I do." I look into your eyes apologetically.
You look at my hand. "You actually wear your wedding ring on the road? I thought your job was to seduce those old ladies and make them buy your company's purses?"
"That doesn't mean I have to seduce them." I say as I loosen my tie and take off my blazer. I lay my belt across the nightstand and sit down next to you.
"I love you, Rose, you know that right." I place my hand on your thigh.
"I know, baby, I love you too." You say with a smile.
I get up and walk across the bed room. I unbutton my shirt with my back to you and through it in the hamper. I slip off my shoes and socks so I'm only in my jeans. I turn around and look at you.
"I've missed your pretty pink pussy, baby." I whisper, with love and lust in my eyes.
I slowly walk over and run my hand gently around your face. My finger tips brushing your skin from the back of your hair, around your chin, and running over your lips.
"I've missed this." You whisper.
"I know, Rose, I have too." I whisper directly into your ear. "I'll be home more, I promise."
You squeeze your legs together and close your eyes as I come in for a soft gentle kiss. My lips lock around your bottom lip. I pull away and look into your eyes. I go in for one more kiss, but this time I bite your lip, I know you love it. I growl playfully and wink at you. You blush and wink back.
"I love it when your silly," you say blushing. "It's always so attractive." You wink again.
I bite my lip as I push your back to the bed. I run my hand up the back of your shirt, feeling your body shake. My lips meet yours, but I feel your pace quicken. You're beginning to kiss harder, and so do I. We slowly begin to use our tongues in an elaborate dance. You can feel my hard cock through my jeans against you.
I pull your shirt off and flip you over on me. I look at you straddling me and it only turns me on more. I put my hands on your ass and squeeze. I move your hips and you quickly take over, grinding me hard. You can feel my cock against you and it makes you get hot. I start running my hand on your back and over your breasts. Your hips going over me feels amazing. I let out a low moan, you barely hear it. My eyes close and my hands grip your ass. This makes you grind harder which only makes my mind fog more. It feels so good I can't think. I grab your hair and pull your head to me. I start to kiss your neck hard. Your grinding makes me frantic, so I passionately kiss your neck. My tongue against your neck makes you moan softly. Your moans drive me into a state of bliss. I loose it. I begin to move my hips against you while you grind me.
You whimper "Please," softly in my ear.

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