Tony's POV

Too many! There are WAY too many Shadows here! Where are they even coming from?! The Portal was totaled, and we've been fighting for hours. Everybody fought against the Shadows, even the Wizards.

Angela and (Wizard) Tom stood back to back shooting spells, Phil was ripping up chunks of earth and chucking it at nearby Shadows, Matt was shooting fireballs, Twisted was controlling water and freezing Shadow heads, and User was cutting off the oxygen for them.

Josh and I were taking out at least three at a time. Dec and Champwan were sniping as many Shadows as possible, Katie and surprisingly Emos were going ham on the Shadows with their swords (didn't think Emos had it in him), and Hecz was protecting Waglington and Cass, who were injured/barely conscious.

This is hopeless! We need to escape!

"RUN!! THERE ARE TOO MANY OF THEM!" I shouted, slicing the head off a humanoid Shadow, only to be replaced by three more.

The people in my line of sight, I saw nod, I turned and saw Dec and Angela helping Hecz with Cass and Waglington. I made a run over to them to help, but I felt something hit my side, and I found myself falling off the side of the cliff.

I screamed in panic and looked up towards the cliff and saw Josh, my best friend, diving off the cliff after me. I flailed my arms around, because of my panicking and the adrenaline running through my veins. I looked down, at the water below, thinking of that I didn't want to die by drowning. Because, even though I used to be a penguin, I never learned how to swim.

But I felt an arm wrap around my waist and turned to see Josh had somehow caught up to me. Then he did something that took me by surprise.

I felt a jolt as we suddenly stopped falling, but I still felt like I was dangling. I didn't look down, because I would probably go into shock if I did. Two of my worst fears happening at the same time, fear of heights, and fear of drowning. I latched onto my friend, before realizing we're going up. I turned to look at Josh and almost let go again when I saw two giant purple wings on his back.

We flew back up onto the cliff, but as soon as his feet touched the ground, I wriggled out of his arm, stepped on the solid ground and retreated a few feet before turning back to him.

"WHY DO YOU HAVE WINGS?!" I asked him.

"Ehehe... uhhhh," he laughed awkwardly.

"Don't just laugh awkwardly!! Tell me for Dianite's sake!" I yelled, my heart still racing.

"Tony, just calm down-" Josh said, before I cut him off.

"NO! How can I?! I JUST FOUND OUT MY FRIEND HAS WINGS! I knew about the scales and the eyes, but I'm positive the wings are new!" I snapped at him.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, and turned around, only to be met with an open palm across my face.

"Tony, calm the fuck down," I heard Angela tell me.

I held the side of my face, and stared at her. I guess I can just be grateful she doesn't wear any rings. Angela stared at me, and I looked between her and Josh, who had taken off the shirt he tore when extending his wings.

"Did you know...?" I asked Angela.

She nodded.

"Two questions, why and how?" I asked the both of them.

Angela and Josh looked at each other, Angela tilting her head in my direction, and Josh frantically shaking his head and rubbing the back of it. Is he scared or something? Angela sighed and turned back to me, before she could say anything, somebody else spoke up.

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