The next morning I waited in the lobby of the hotel for Caitlin. "Hi," I said holding my mug of coffee. "So loud," she said. "I just wanted to make sure you were okay," I said as we walked towards the door. "Let's just say I envy your inability to get drunk," she said as we got into a cab and headed to the train station. "I don't remember much from last night," she continued. "Yeah that's probably for the best," I said nodding. "Summer loving," I sang slowly and quietly. "Oh god, that I do remember," she said. I laughed.

When we got out of the taxi we were met by Aria. She was wearing a grey shirt, ripped jeans, and the hoodie she swiped from Roy. Her hair was still in pigtails. "She lives!" Aria said gesturing to Caitlin. "Haha," she said. "Hey everyone," Alice said walking up. "Hey Ali. Here you go the top I promised you," Aria said handing Alice a plastic bag. Caitlin didn't seem to notice. "Hey Aria," Roy said walking up. "Just wanted to say bye before you left. Is that my hoodie?" he asked. "Not anymore," she said pulling on the hood. I laughed. "Where is Oliver I need to talk to him," I said. "He's over there getting coffee," Felicity said walking up. She pointed to Oliver. "I'll be right back," I said. "Hey Oliver," I said walking up to him. "Hi Barry," he said. "Can I talk to you? It's about Aria. Last night, she said she had to go home, but I watched her duck into an alley. I followed her and saw a blonde woman wearing black leather and a black mask," I explained. Oliver was shocked. "Did Aria say her name?" Oliver asked. "Yeah according to Aria the woman's name is Sara," I said. "That's impossible," Oliver mumbled to himself. "But it's true," I said. "I gotta go so I don't miss my train," I said turning to walk away. Oliver put his hand on my shoulder. "Keep her safe and keep an eye on her," he whispered in my ear. "I promise I will," I said. "What did you need to talk to him about?" Aria asked me. "It's nothing," I lied.

We all borded the train. I sat next to Aria and Caitlin & Alice sat across the isle from us. By the time we pulled out of the station they were both passed out due to hangovers. Aria had her head rested on my shoulder. "We were interrupted last night," Aria said. "Interrupted what?" I said smiling. "This," she said. She sat up and kissed me. I kissed back. Aria had fallen asleep. We pulled into the station and I shook her gently. "We're here sleeping beauty," I laughed in her ear. She got up slowly. "Maybe I should try sleeping at night," she said. "What a great idea," Caitlin said grabbing her stuff.

When we got to S.T.A.R Labs Dr. Wells was in the middle of the room staring at Cisco. "What's going on?" I asked. "Cisco has something he needs to tell you," Dr. Wells said sounding angry. "Hartley's gone," he said. "He escaped from the pipeline? How is that even possible," Aria asked. "I let him out," he said. "He said he knew what happened to Ronnie," He continued. "Cisco I told you not to look into that for me," Caitlin said. "I didn't do it for you," he said. Before he could continue Aria got a text and walked a away without saying a word. I followed her.

When I caught up to her she was about to walk into a warehouse. "Barry what are you doing here?" She asks me. "What are you doing here?" I asked back. "It's complicated," she told me. "It wouldn't happen to have anything to do with a blonde woman in black leather that goes by the name of Sara would it?" I asked. "How do you know about Sara?" She asked. "You're not as sneaky as you thought," I told her. "I have to meet her. You can't come with me. I'm sorry," she told me. "Be careful," I told her before taking off.

When I got back to S.T.A.R Labs everyone was working. I decided to tease Caitlin about last night a little more. After a few minutes the power went out. Seconds after, a woman entered the room flanked by two men. "I am Nyssa, heir to the demon and I seek a woman known as Ariana Harper," the woman said. "And why is that?" Dr. Wells asked. "She is a danger to the League," Nyssa explained. The League... I remembered the conversation between Aria and Sara. "She is staying with us you freak," Cisco said bravely. "A poor choice of words," Nyssa said. She fired an arrow at his chest. Of course, I caught it. "Interesting. I must speak to my father about you," she said before she walked away. "I'll be back," I said. I had to talk to this Sara person and find out what they want with Aria.

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