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*Mandy's P.O.V.*

I heard the front door open and close.It was already late at night so the kids were asleep.

"I missed you!",Austin yelled when he came in.

"Shhht,the kids are asleep!"

"Oh i'm sorry,i forgot."

"It's okay,i missed you too.",i walked over to him and he wrapped his arms around me.

"Wish i was here sooner so i could've seen the kids."

"You'll see them tomorrow,first they didn't want to sleep but then i said that how sooner they slept how faster you were going to be home.They forced themselves to sleep.",i laughed."So how long will you be here?"

"As long as they don't need me you know.",he said walking over to the couch.

"Austin...Won't it be better if you would get another job?I know you love it but we never see eachother.The kids need you in their lives.And...I'm actually thinking about another child?",i sat next to him.

"No way and again,no way.I'm not getting another job and sure as hell not another child.At least not now.",he said harsh.

"Wow calm down,what's up with you?"

"Nothing,i'm just tired and all you do is complain."

"I don't?I always need to be okay with everything you say or do:
'I'm going on a business trip.'
'I don't want another child.'
'I don't want to meet people you've been in college with.'
'I won't get another job.'
If i would complain as much as i had the right to...We wouldn't even been married anymore..."

"Ugh Mandy,just save it.I'm going to sleep,goodnight."

"Goodnight.",i sighed.

"Are you coming?",he asked while walking over to the stairs.

"Yeah,i'll be there in a few minutes."

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