Never Shattered Pt. 1 & 2

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Part 1:

Yesterday is gone

Today is brand new

Their light was extinguished

But in the dark we make it through

No more pain

Just total peace

They can rest easy

Knowing life won't cease

In darkness,

Still lives their light

Their inspiration,

Gave us some fight


But never forgotten, ever

This family cracked,

But shattered? Never

"RIP Grandma Helen and Aunt Debbie. The pieces you left will forever remain within us. Never again will the darkness take over. Because your light continues to shine on through us all." - Jordan

Part 2


A time too long

Cancer consuming

Death painful

The same ole' song

The fleeting moments

Time slipping away

Hope turned to hopeless

Life turned lifeless

World spins another day

Though it should stop

The moments moving fast

There's no escape

No relief

Taken back to the past

Broken to pieces

Remnants tattered

Never lost

Never forgotten

Never Shattered

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