Chapter 8: Blue Armor

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Ruby seemed to have left reality for some moments because she felt as if she was actually taking flight with Rainbowcloud. She crashed back down from her cloud nine as she felt a small nudge that had just barely made contact with her shiny, black coat.

"Wake up, Ruby", a male voice whispered only loud enough to here, as if not to startle her.

She opened one eye open to meet a pair of calm amber ones. Almost too close for her comfort. She flinched away from the hard stare of the pony with deep, soulless eyes that felt like they were pulling you into a void with no known escape.

It was those eyes that made her curious but cautious all at once. Ruby didn't really trust them. She felt like she really shouldn't but his actions are reassuring nonetheless. He chuckled and exchanged a glance with Elijah who eagerly reached out his hoof. Ruby reached out her own hesitantly while exchanging a puzzled glance with her mother.

Once Ruby gripped the stallion's hoof, she was rushed outside of the cottage with a small squeak. " Wait where are we going?!" She struggled to get those words out of her throat but when they came out, it sounded much more hoarse than expected and she didn't like that.

Viola followed calmly close behind her daughter as well as Candy and Angelcake. " Don't worry, we're all headed to Canterlot."

"Red and Elijah were set to escort us there. The Princess wants to see us," the twins were lead to a horse drawn carriage where all six ponies were squeezed in, shoulder to shoulder. But there was one more pony who was also squeezed inside. It looked like a mare around the same age as Ruby.

She was a yellow and blonde maned pony with shiny blue armor that matched the color of her eyes was sitting very close in between Red and Elijah. She wore a calm expression on her face. She seemed to be an alicorn. But how? There were only three known Princesses in Equestria. How could there have been a third? Ruby's guess was that she wasn't a Princess at all.

"Greetings. My name is Skylar and I am the current head guard of the Blue Shields. We are widely known as the royal Equestrian guard but this is our official name. We were told to escort the following citizens; Candy, Angela, Viola, and Ruby, are you these ponies?" She dictated rather quickly.

"Yes ma'am," Candy dipped her head.

"I really do have a lot of names to go by, don't I?" Angelcake sighed and crossed her hooves on her chest but gave off a small grin.

"Hmm?" Ruby and Viola looked up.

"It all started out with Angela, eventually, I was given the monicker Angel and when I finally received my Cutie Mark, it was now Angelcake," she looked down to her white flank, where there in its wake was an angel cake with a bright yellow halo above it.

"Interesting," Viola whispered.

"We should be approaching our destinations soon but there is still a lot of ground to cover. Who wants to play a game?" Skylar brightened up.

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