Haeleigh Growing Up

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Haeleigh P.O.V
Hey mom I saidhey sweetie” ma said back “what you doing” nothing just waiting for you to wake up because I made you breakfast I said “oh thanks what kind of breakfastma said you have to see for yourself i said
Ma goes to the table and looks
Ma faints and saysomg I love fried chicken with bacon a little but thanks” $he said well that's all but I was wondering if we could talk about our relationship I said “sure” ma said “i went to the adoption center and adopted you and you were so adorable so we had some time together and your first word was bubbles but we thought that you should stay away from your father for a little because I didn't want him to get pissed and that's all” wow that was fascinating I said and then a boy came in the house ma who is that? I said “thats your father”she said “hey guys who is this little one” “Jai this is Haeleigh haeleigh this is your father Jai" hi I said to him “umm hi he said back “babe don't be mean to your daughter“ ma said
«going out with Jai and ma»
(Jai P.O.V)
Wow this is our favorite restaurant I said to my NEW family I loved them really crazy but I wasnt here while my baby girl was growing up she is so adorable I just wanna squeeze her cheeks so bad I love my family

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