Isla POV
Why do all girls have to be made with extremely high giggle rates? It's not humanly right for girls to giggle as much as they do! Yet today was the worst.
Boys rushed around to get last minute dates and girls giggled and played match maker. I sat in the common room reading, like I did most days. The world around me rushed and busied themselves but I just read. Life is always better when you have a good book in your hands.
"Isla, we only have three hours to get ready!" Marlene said, dragging me to the dormitory.
"Three hours, ok shower, hair, makeup dress, got it?" I fake saluted and rolled my eyes. I walked into the bathroom and stepped under the shower. The water was warm compared to the freezing snowy weather. I lathered my favourite vanilla shampoo onto my hair mindlessly, running my fingers through the roots. Shivering, I stepped out into the freezing cold, glad for the warm towel wrapped around my body. The girls all sat doing their hair and makeup. Marlene pushed me into a seat and began drying my hair off with her wand. She tugged gently, plaiting my hair messily. It looked perfect, curly strands hanging loose.
Then, unfortunately, Marlene was in charge of doing my makeup. She dabbed a sparkly, pale pink onto my lips gently and a dark mascara on my eyes, contrasting perfectly with my pale skin. I had pink blusher on my cheeks. All that was left was to put my dress on. I slipped the dress over my head, careful not to ruin Marlene's masterpiece. The silky material was cold and soothing against my skin. I slipped the tiara onto the top of my head and put on the heels. The others were ready too.
Lily looked amazing. Her emerald green dress had broad straps going across her shoulders and a bunched waist. She wore black flats and a lovely black beaded necklace. Marlene looked fantastic. Her hair was twisted into a top knot and she had deep red on her lips. Her dress reached the ground, covering her gold heels. Alice's hair was gently curled and she wore the pink dress that contrasted nicely with her tanned skin.
We walked down the spiralling staircase. I honestly felt like a princess. I felt indestructible: I could do anything I set my mind to.
The marauders sat in the centre of the room, as if they were superior beings. James jumped to his feet. He had attempted to comb his hair but it still stuck up every which way. His emerald green eyes glistened as he looked over at Lily. I smiled slightly, it was so cute!
Black slowly stood up. He wore a classic suit and tie with black robes over it. His grey eyes sparkled cheekily as he smiled slightly. His hair was brushed out of his eyes. He smiled broadly and checking me out. I sighed shaking my head.
I'm suddenly felt a strong pair of arms drag me up the boys stairs. I turned around to see Remus and Peter. And too think I actually thought Remus was my friend and here he was, probably part of one of Blacks elaborate schemes.
"Moony! Give me my date!" I heard Black and I chuckled.
"Don't worry Padfoot, we're just borrowing her for a moment." I heard James say in a voice that should be reassuring but actually just freaked me out.
Remus let go once we got to the top of the stairs and he let me walk in on my own two legs. I gave him a death glare and walked through the dark, mahogany door. Three out of the four beds had clothes thrown over them and the sheets peeled back in a messy manner. The last bed was made perfectly with all the clothes neatly folded in the draws. I placed my bets on that bed being Remus'.
"Why did you kidnap me?" I asked accusingly with my arms folded.
James walked in and sat on the edge of one of the messy beds. His eyes had an evil glint that scared me out of my wits. I took a step back so I was leaning on the door.
"I'm going to help you get Padfoot to like you." He said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. I raised my eyebrows.
"And how will you be doing that?" I said. These three were seriously messed up (no pun intended.)
"Well Sirius has a certain type of girls he likes..." James started but I cut him off.
"If you think you can change me think again. I'll be going now." Before one of the could muster a sentence I walked out the door and down the stair, my echoing throughout the common room.
"My friends finally give you back?" Sirius- Black! Sirius! WHATEVER!- smirked. "What did they want?"
"Nothing." I said dismissively. We walked out of the portrait hole and down to the Great Hall.
"I'm glad you showed up when you did, your friends were starting to scare me." He said, causing me to laugh.
"Yeah so were your friends." I said. The great hall was decorated in red, green, good and silver. Holly and mistletoe was hung in a mismatched manner. People were dancing and sitting at tables on the edge of the hall. All of a sudden, every girl stared at Sirius and I felt a twang of jealousy. His hand found mine. His hands were strong and gentle. He led me to the middle of the dance floor.
Sirius POV
She was laughing as she danced. Her laugh was infectious and intriguing. She looked beautiful, her flaming red hair in a messy plait on the back of her head, those dazzling blue eyes framed in mascara and eyeliner. She didn't overdo the makeup like a lot of the girls in the hall: the perfect amount to make her look amazing.
"Do you want to go for a walk around the lake?" I whispered in her ear. She nodded and followed me out of the hall. Her heels make her taller yet still a considerable amount smaller than me. I see Alexis give me a small wave and bat her eyelashes. I just roll my eyes and walk away.
The snow was falling in little flakes outside, lying like a blanket outside. It caught in Isla's hair acting like glitter. Isla sighs happily, never letting go off my hand. Her face lit up and she smiled broadly.
"It's beautiful." She breathed, looking into my eyes. Hers are grey at the iris and start to get bluer the nearer they get to the outside. It's an interesting combination. She shivered and I took of my jacket, draping it over her shoulders. She sent me a grateful look and I returned it. We walked around the lake before stopping under the large tree I usually hang out with James under. She stared up into me face and I look down at her. Her eyes shift upwards and she smirks.
"Mistletoe." She whispered.
I bend down, leaning. She leans in at the same time and in a millisecond we're kissing.
"This is the best night ever." I said in her ear.
"I'm sorry to break up this perfect moment." A cackle sneered. "But I'm afraid dear little Siri has to come with me."
Bellatrix stands with a sadistic look in her black, emotionless eyes.
"What do you want Bellatrix?" I snarled, pointing my wand at her chest.
"I have an invite from my new master for you to join us. Aunt Walburga says your to join immediately. And the more the merrier so you can bring your droned here. I hear she has a talent for killing people."
Isla surged forward, pointing her wand to Bellatrix's chin.
"Brought all your groupies I see?" I said, dragging Isla away from her. The castle was beginning to glow in an orange tinge.
"Yes. You should feel privileged. Everyone came for you. You could be a real asset. So you coming cousin?"
"Over my dead body." I smirked. She shot a curse and I was to slow to respond. Isla jumped informs of me and they duelled.
Isla deflected it and Bellatrix became increasingly more frustrated. Then she disappeared in a puff of smoke.
"SIRIUS! ISLA!" I heard James yell. We both ran towards the castle and saw everyone huddled in the corner of the hall.
"Everyone to your common room. Prefects escort the student." McGonagall said sternly.
"Wait, Professor, I want to help. I want to fight, protect the castle. Please?" Isla said. McGonagall pressed her lips together in hesitance but finally agreed.
"Me too." I said confidently.
"And me!" Lily, Marlene and Alice spoke up.
"Don't forget us." The marauders stepped by my side.
"Ok. Anyone in fifth year or a bone can fight." Most Slytherins chose to vacate but all Gryffindors in the age limit stayed. Every Hufflepuff swore their loyalty to the castle and said they'd fight. Ravenclaws were more reluctant but finally agreed.
"Let's go kick some Death Eater ass." Isla said, walking in line with Lily, Alice and Marlene confidently.

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