My first, and best one yet.

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Hey guys , enjoy/partyrocker

{Deans pov}

"Why do you go there, its so gross" Sam told dean. Dean went to a male stripper club, every night.

"Because , well........there's this guy named cas , and he really is soooooo nice , cute and sexy when he strips-" dean was interrupted

"I DONT WANT TO KNOW!!!" Sam ran up stairs. Dean chuckled and went to the club. Once dean got there he spotted cas right away , and so did cas. Dean walked over and sat down in the chair.

"Hi there sugar, " cas said pulling deans collar close to his face. Dean blushed a lot .

"Hi there cas, want to ummm ....." Dean was interrupted again by cas pulling dean into another room , with only them. Cas got on his knees and splited deans legs.

"Cas...........I don't have the money" dean said looking at cas. Dean wanted to , but he had not that much money. Cas unzipped deans zipper and palmed dean.

"I want something else then the money , dean" deans eyes widened , something came over him to grab cas buy the back of the neck and shove his tounge in cas's mouth. Cas kissed back then pulled back and pulled deans pants down and sucked deans cock through his boxers 

"Oh........god......cas!!!" Dean through his head back. Cas through deans shirt and jacket off.

"Damn dean......, you have muscles!" Cas said while kissing down his chest to his dick. Dean couldn't take it anymore , so he picked cas up and pushed him down on the bed. Dean now was in power of cas.

"Cas can I ask you something ? " dean asked


"How many people have you had sex with , not to effend you but you are a stripper?" Cas chuckled.

"Actually , I have not fucked anyone , ever in my life. I never had sex with my clients , I am tonight though. But not because your hot , or sexy. Its because I love you" cas said looking in deans eyes. Dean kissed cas hard

"I love you too." He said into the kiss.

"Dean......... Want ,to, take, those,off?" Said while kissing and sucking deans neck. Dean took off his clothes , and cas's shorts. Dean got some lube but was interrupted, by cas's hands.

"Dean , I know this is a stupid thing to say from a stripper but I am scared , this is my first time." Dean put his hands on cas's cheeks and kissed him softly .

"Its ok , I'll go slow" cas nodded and let dean finish putting the lube on his cock, and soon slowly went into cas.

"Oh....dean..........FASTER!" cas moaned loudly. Dean thrusted faster, and harder. They were both enjoying them self's, very much. Once  they were done , they talked and fell asleep.

"Dean, ......I love you" cas said drawing circles in deans chest with his finger. Dean kissed cas's nose then lips

"I love you too, "  . And fell into slumber.

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