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She is lost in a void that laps with an undiluted emptiness, she is collapsing under the weight of societal norms and she is cramped inside her own psyche, amidst a set of unlabelled emotions and mismatched urgencies. Her name is Ann Morris, and she is the eye of the storm, inside her own personal tempest.

Throughout this short story, I want to deal with two major issues that I feel haven't been dealt together; firstly, the concept of mental illness in fiction, that I feel has been romanticised to the point where I can't find a decent story about a character with depression or any other disorder in which love doesn't heal the said character. Or in which mental institutions are filled with the spirits of previous patients, waiting to seek vengence. And secondly, homosexuality in the past; I know everyone has knowledge on how the topic was dealt with (e.g. Oscar Wilde), but I felt not many are seen in fiction (I bascially haven't read any, but if there are, let me know!).

My main point is that I really want awareness for mental illnesses, I feel that either people believe that a person with a mental illness is extremely violent or that if they read just the definition of any disorder, they believe they have it (I don't want to be rude but I've seen many stories here in which there is an Oxford Dictionary definition of Schizophrenia and most of the comments will range from 'OMG i have that!!!' to 'SHIT I THINK i hAVE IT'). Every disorder is very serious and if you really think you do have one, please, please talk to someone who is certified to help.

I'll stop here haha, the first chapter will be up in a while. It is set in the late 1860s (probably) in the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum; any characters and events relevant in this short story are not real and do not in fact lead back to any historical event that occured in the asylum. I will try and keep the journey as real as possible (including the symptoms that I'll refer to from the DSM-IV-TR).

In the mean time, do tell me what you think of the theme and of your opinion on the subject!

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