Bye Canada

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Miley's POV

"Baby wake up" I heard Justin say softly. I slowly opened my eyes and I pecked his lips. "We are going in a hour thats why I woke you up" he said. "Oh already?" i said. "Yes but we can come soon" he said. "So tomorrow I'll be in the studio at the afternoon so maybe I can take you out to dinner when I'm done" he said. "You mean a date?" I asked excited. "Yeah you can say it like that" he smiled. "But please don't take me to some fancy place" i said. I don't like fancy places and I don't want him to pay so much. "Shhh babygirl I know what I'm doing" he winked. Suddenly the door opened and Pattie came in. "Hey guys" she whispered because the kids were still sleeping. "Hey mom" Justin said. "Hey Pattie" I said. "I'll make dinner" she said. "Mom don't we are going in a hour we can't eat and you have to relax just order pizza or something you don't have to cook all the time" Justin said. "But-" she said. "No but mom just relax" Justin told her and hugged her. I smiled. Pattie sat next to us. "Be careful on your flight" she said. "Don't worry mom" Justin said. "I'll miss you guys so much" Pattie said. "Aw we'll miss you too Pattie" i said and hugged her. Her eyes started to get watery. "Aw mom please don't cry you can visit anytime and I'll call you" Justin said and hugged her. She nodded and smiled lightly. "Take care of your girlfriend and don't do anything stupid!" she said. "I will take care of her and I won't mom I changed" he said and kissed my cheek. Pattie smiled and nodded. "By the way I really want to meet with your parents Miley."Pattie said. "Of course but we have to tell them about our relationship" i said. "Oh they don't know yet?" Pattie asked. "No" i said. "We'll tell them when we'll get back" Justin said. "Ok good" Pattie said. "Baby we better get going" Justin said. We went upstairst and we brought our bags downstairs. The kids were already awake. "Justy I don't want you to go" Jazzy said. "Aw princess I'll see you in a few weeks"Justin said. He kissed Jazzy and Jaxon and then he said bye to his mom. I said good bye to everyone and we went to the car that was waiting for us. We went inside and Kenny started driving. I looked at Justin he looked sad. I took his hand and caressed it. "I'll miss them so much" he said. "But you'll see them baby" i told him. He smiled lightly. "I love you" he said. "I love you too" i said. Soon we arrived to the airport. There were some paps asking questions and taking pictures of us. Justin pulled me close to him and Kenny followed behind us. Soon we were on the jet. I cuddled up to Justins chest. "Baby when we get back can you come over so we can tell my parents" i said. "Yeah but I don't have lots of time I have to go to the studio" he said. "Okay" i said. "And don't forget about our date tonight and I'll give you my credit card so you can buy a dress" he said. My eyes widened. "I would never use your money Justin" i said. "Well you'll now"he said. "Noo"i said "I'll give it to you anyways" i rolled my eyes and kissed him. "I cant walk in heels just saying"I said laughing. "I dont like heels anyways" he said and smiled. "And where will be our date?" i asked. "Surprise princess" he said and winked. "Oh no please tell me" I said and I pouted. "Don't do this face" he laughed. "Pleaseee" i said and I did a puppy face. He covered his eyes. "Never" he said and smiled. "Ugh fine" i said and I laughed. "Kiss me baby" he said. I did what he said we were kissing for about 10mins when Kenny came. "We are land- oh my got please don't eat eachother" he said. We pulled away and we laughed. "I wanted to say that we are landing in 10mins" he said. "Ok thanks man" Justin said. I looked at Justin. "Thank you for this weekend your family is really amazing" i said. "Thank you for coming with me" he said and pecked my lips. Soon we landed in Los Angeles. We grabbed our bags and got out of the plane. There were lots of paparazzis I started to panic. "Baby stay close" Justin whispered. He held me close to him as our fingers were interlocked. They asked lots of questions and they took lots of pictures. Finally we arrived to the car that was waiting for us. We got in the backseat and we sighed. "I'm sorry babe" Justin said and he ran his hand through his hair. "Its not your fault Justin" i said and I pecked his lips. "They are following us" Kenny said. "Oh fuck" Justin said. "What are we gonna do now?" i asked. "I don't know baby but don't worry it's okay" he said somehow his words calmed me down. When we arrived front of my house they were still following us but we just got out of the car and walked to the door. We went inside and I hugged Justin we pulled away when we heard my parents. "Miley!!" they said. "Hi mom hi dad" i said and hugged them. "How was Canada?" they asked. "Amazing I loved it" i said. "And Justin did you take care of her?" dad asked. "Of course Jason" Justin said and smiled. "Good" dad said. "Mom,dad we should tell you something" i said. "Sure honey go on" mom said. "Well we better sit down." i said. We sat down on the couch I sat next to Justin across from my parents. "Promise that you wont freak out" i said. "It depends" dad said. "Jason!" Mom said. "Ok ok we promise" dad said. "So as you know I love your daughter more than anything in this world and I'd do anything to be with her" Justin said and interlocked our fingers I smiled. "So yeah we are together" Justin finished. We looked at my parents scared. Mom had a smile on his face. "Well it's okay with me as long as you take care of her and don't do stupid things" mom said. "I won't" Justin said. We looked at dad. "If you love her then thats all that matters I guess...Im warning you if you break her heart then some bad things will happen" dad said. "Oh and Justin I want to talk to you in private when we're going to the studio" dad said. "Sure" Justin simply said. I hugged Justin tight. "Can we go Justin?" dad asked. "Yes" Justin said. He turned to me "baby I'll miss you oh and don't forget our date tonight here's my credit card just take it" he said and handed me his card. I just took it but I wont use it. "I'll miss you too and I wont use it" i said and kissed him. "Love you be a good boy" i said. He chuckled. "Love you too" he said and went outside with my dad. "Moom can we go and buy a dress for me because today is our first date" i asked. "Of course honey" she said we went to her car and we went to the mall.

Justin's POV

I was in the car with Miley's dad. "So Justin we should talk about Miley" he said. "Okay but if you want me to leave her I won't." i said. "No...I want to say that if you want to be with her then treat her in a right I mean love her and don't break her heart because I'll break your arms and legs...but really Justin she is my daughter and I dont want to see her cry and sad or broken so please take care of her she never had a boyfriend and I know its not my business but don't try to have sex with her yet she is too young and I don't want a grandchild yet, i know you are 20years old and you have needs but then don't begin with this because if you cheat on her she will find out" he said. "Don't worry Jason I'll treat her like a queen and I'll never broke her heart not even my dreams I love her more than anything...and I wont have sex with her until she is ready. I wont ever cheat on her I care about her and not about my needs" i said. "Okay I know you are a good kid but I just let you know this" he said as he stopped front of the studio. "I understand that she is your daughter and you are protective over her" i said. "Good now come" he said. We went in the studio and I recorded my new song 'Home to mama' we only need Cody's part now and it'll be done. "I don't work hard when it's easy I put in work when it's hard. Girl they never believed in love until I had yours. This is more than a season and I'm not just sprung, I'm not afraid to tell you that you're the one. I'm the one you wake up thinking bout. The one I can run to when I'm feeling down life is so good when you're around girl nobody from the past is beating you right now. Cause I take you home to mama I let you meet my friends cause you don't come with drama so I want you til the world ends. You're way more than worth it but I don't feel like I deserve it. You got the peaces you're my kind of perfect." I sang in the microphone.

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