Part 1 (336/500 words) fIxed It Megan

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The wind was cruel that night, it didn’t matter who you were it blew and if you weren’t strong enough you would be taken. I had come home early from work. The shift was tiring and long, I was just ready to see my wife. I carelessly opened the door to my house removing the key roughly and stopped. I heard a shuffling noise from the back room.

Cautiously I took my wind ruffled scarf off and swiftly took my coat from my back, a shiver running delicately down my spine.  I did not have to think twice snatching up the nearest thing I could find. My hands took up a cold tube of metal. The plumbing of this old place obviously not fixed yet. Shaking slightly, unprepared for this, I ventured through the grey hall when a movement caught my eye, my wife! Relief washed over me and then the sad realisation that the surprise party I was planning for her birthday would be ruined.

‘’You were supposed to be going out today!’’ I say quickly snapping my arm around my back so she doesn’t see the silver flash.

‘’What’s behind your back?’’  It was too late she had already seen. 

‘’It’s a surprise for you later, you shouldn’t be looking ’’ My reactions had obviously become slower.

With only an hour left I ask kindly if she would go into the garden and pick some vegetables from the small patch at the bottom of the garden, this would leave me with just about enough time to get everything ready. On entering the dining room I notice how limp the flowers are, on the verge of death ready to tip. Too late to get some new ones.

A new tablecloth, some small decorations, friends and family placed perfectly in the room the place looks like a perfectly dolls house, cobwebs hanging around ready to be snapped. Bringing the cake into the room I tell the small group to get ready and stand around the table.

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