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Leader - Icestar - Pale white she-cat with ice blue eyes (Formerly Iceeyes)

Deputy - Nightcloud - Black she-cat with gray tipped ear and hazel eyes

Medicine Cat - Jaypool - Silver tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Warriors -

Ravenfeather - Black she-cat with white tail, paws, and ears and green eyes

Hawkstorm - Brown tabby tom with green eyes

Tigerface - Brown tabby tom with stripes only on his face and dark blue eyes

Aprentice: Mothpaw

Featherpelt - Pale gray she-cat with yellow eyes

Fireblaze - Bright ginger tom with yellow eyes

Doveheart - White she-cat with hazel eyes

Apprentice - Rainpaw

Stonecreek - Gray tom with yellow eyes

Brokenjaw - Gray striped tom with broken jaw and green eyes

Apprentice - Pebblepaw

Littlesky - Pale sandy colored she-cat with sky blue eyes

Apprentices -

Mothpaw - Creamy colored she-cat with yellow eyes

Rainpaw - Blue furred tom with ice blue eyes

Pebblepaw - Gray tom with hazel eyes

Queens -

Mistyeyes - Beautiful tortoiseshell she-cat with misty gray eyes (Mother of Dawnkit - Sandy colored she-kit with light blue eyes, Fawnkit - Light browk she-kit with darker flecks and amber eyes, Minnowkit - Dark brown tabby tom with gray eyes)

Robinwing - Reddish brown furred she-cat with green eyes (Expecting Brokenjaw's kits)

Elders -

Deadeyes - Old silver tom, became blind in battle against Shadowclan (Formerly Silverfur)

Beetlestep - Brown tom with yellow eyes

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