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"What do u want for breakfast?" Zoe asked

"Do you have toast?"

"Yh" she replied


After breakfast she asked "Do u want to go shopping,maybe buy more things for your room?"


We jumped into the car and traveled to town. I searched and then found the cutest pig money box ever, it's was red with multicoloured dots on it. After that she asked

"Come on, I know you've got lots already but let's go get more clothes!" I bought: a dark pink crop top with the numbers 89 with jems around it, purple jeans with black streaks, chequered black and red top and a long rabbit jumper. I also bought a duck egg blue vase with purple and pink (fake) flowers to put on my desk and a green clock/radio/alarm clock and yes, that does exist.

********back home *********
"You can go put your new stuff in your room now if you want" Megan said
I ran (well...fell) up the stairs and put all the stuff in my room.

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