Chapter 12

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Cassie was baffled. "Should I tell Devyn and grace, or keep it to myself?"
Cassie thought over and over and over.

She decided that when Devyn and grace are with her and teens are not she will tell them.

After all these teens are working in THEIR stores and living in THEIR home, so they have every right to know.

Cassie knew the kids were to nice and happy to have done something really bad that it would get them arrested.

She walked up stairs and talked to the kids. They told her everything that happened and the stupid reason they got arrested for.

Cassie told them to "tell Devyn and grace, that way they'll see how honest you are and not wanna kick you out. Ok..." they all walked down stairs. Devyn and grace were on the couch watching 2 broke girls.

Maya started of by saying "Devyn. Grace. Cassie. Thank You sooo much for letting us stay in your home. no one would welcome some random teens into their 1.5 million dollar home. It means lot to us but, everything the cop said is true."

A silence struck the room. The sisters walked into the kitchen and talked about it.

They decided they'd have to fire them from the shoe stores so no one would see them. But they let them stay because they knew what they did was just old people being cranky.

The teens were so relieved everyone sat down and watched 2 broke girls. There was laughing and crying, mostly Zander, tanner, and Connor cried.

Everyone fell asleep on the couch.
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