Episode 7: The Clues all fit!

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Guude's pov

I watch as Avidya's eyes turn sandstone brown as his glasses fall. I got pissed off. "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT FROM US HEROBRINE!? I yell loud enough to make him deaf. He just gleemed and said, "I want revenge. And the only way to do that is to make you hurt!"

"I took Baj's sanity to hurt team Nancy Drew. I took Kurt's sanity to hurt Zeastau. I took Avidya's sanity to hurt team Cash money. And I took Anders' sanity to hurt Team DNA."

I thought that there was more then just revenge in Herobrine's mind. But no...  it was just revenge. I have a feeling this is way far from over. Everything was crashing down. Mill and MC almost died and we're doing nothing.

"Try to attack! It won't help you! Try to get them back! More of you will just go! Try everything you can! It won't help you! And try to snap them out of it! It won't do nothing!" Herobrine laughed. Nothing... that circles in my head.

'Try to snap them out of it! It won't do nothing...' I thought to myself. "Master..." Kurt whispered something into his ear. What was he saying. Herobrine chuckled. "I guess your right!" Next thing I know... I'm being strangled by the hands of what was once my best friend.

"K-ku-ur-urt?' it was really hard to breathe! But then... I black out.

Etho's pov-

I saw Kurt whisper something into Herobrine's ear. "I guess your right!" Next thing Guude knows, he's being strangled by Kurt. "K-ku-ur-urt?" Then he blacks out. I was shocked. Then again, it was Herobrine that was controlling him.

"Fuck you Herobrine!" I heard Beef yell beside me. He laughs and dissapears. We hurry to Guude. My concern is, is he still breathing?

Kurt's pov-

We were all talking, when I all of a sudden become dizzy. Like, if I was being strangled. I almost pass out but thank God that Baj was there to catch me before I fell. "Woah! Dude are you alright?" Avidya asked me.

I nod. "Yeah. It's just, probably I'm tired. I haven't slept since two days ago dude and I'm actually pretty tired." I lied. "Right. I have a feeling though it's way more. Look." We watch as I whisper something into Herobrine's ear.

He said something. I attack Guude. I start strangling him. I become dizzy again. It's like I start fading from reality. "I knew it. When ever he makes one of us hurt a friend, our vertual selves start fading from, reality basically." Avidya told us.

"You mean, Kurt's dizzy because he's being deleted from reality." Avidya nods unpleasantly. "And if they don't save us now, we could all end up dead. Unknownst to them. They'll get themselves killed. And Herobrine will claim victorious." Avidya said.

"We must warn them!" Baj said quietly. "How?" The three of us say in sync. "I have a plan." Baj tells us. With a nasty grin.

Hey guys Alyssa here and there you go. Who will go first? Kurt? Avidya? Anders? Baj? Will all of them go? Or will none of them go? What's Baj's great plan? Find out in the next episode. Peace out Blazes!!!

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