Chapter5:unexpected arrivals!

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Natsu was sound asleep when he was suddenly woken up by a raven haired boy

"Time to wake up natsu you'll be late and so will we" rouge spoke

"Awww it's school today" natsu pouted and got up to get dressed as rouge left the room

After a bit everyone was ready to go so they ate real fast the ran to school

When they arrived they quickly ran in and was met with a bunch of new faces as sting ran into one of the new strangers as both sting and the mystery boy fell to the ground

"Gray-sama!" One of the strangers looked worried at the boy on the ground

"W-what the hell as that for" gray rubbed his head then looked in front of him to see sting being helped up by rouge and......natsu!

"Natsu!" Gray said

Natsu then looked up and saw Juvia,and Wendy helping gray up

"Guys!" Natsu said and he rushed over and hugged them

"Hey natsu" Wendy smiled and hugged back

"Nice to see you again!" Juvia said as she hugged him back

"It's awesome to see you again" gray hugged back tightly which was noticed by sting who just growled under his breath which earned him a glare from rouge

"Natsu you know these guys?" Sting asked

"Yeah there my old friends from fairy tail academy!" Natsu replied

"I see" rouge smiled

Gray the showed Natsu a paper which made him look curious

"What's that?" Natsu asked

"It's a pass for you to miss school for today" gray replied

"What!?" Sting spoke

"Don't worry it's only for today" gray told sting who looked a little annoyed

"Cool" Natsu spoke as gray smirked

"Let's go!" Gray grabbed Natsu's wrist and ran out the school as Natsu was surprised by this and then Wendy and Juvia followed behind leaving sting and rouge

"Grrrrr" sting growled as steam literally was coming off him from anger

"Calm down sting there just friends" rouge replied to sting jealousy

Sting just stomped off angry as rouge sighed and followed

As Wendy and Juvia went to go shopping Natsu and gray where walking in the mall buying food and messing around

"That blond haired friend of yours sure is clumsy" gray spoke

"He can be" Natsu laughed and replied

The two continued to laugh and catch up till 11:00 at night then the two said goodbye for the day as Natsu walked home he had a smile on his face the whole time when he entered the house he was met with a hug which made him blush

"S-sting!" Natsu said surprised

Rouge walked into see this and he was surprised at sting

"You had me worried" sting spoke

"Sorry sting" Natsu said then he suddenly hugged back which made sting blush as well as Natsu

Rouge just slowly moon walked backed into the kitchen quietly to give them space

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