He's So Sweet

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Dazier'Ray P.o.v.

I didn't know someone Could be so sweet and kind. Me and Khalil sat and ate then he went home. It's just Had me thinking how did I come across somebody like that? I wonder then I heard my phone ring.. who tf... August .

I answered and said.. "Hello?"

He automatically got to basing me and shit. "Who tf was that at Tony's with you! Huh?! You new babyfather Or some shit! I fucking knew you was a hoe!"

Hold up. Wait...Pause. Rewind That Shit. "A hoe?! Nah Motherfucka YOUR GIRLFRIEND A HOE! How many dicks she sucked? How many nigga's she been with?! I was with you for six fucking years! Fuck outta here with that hoe shit! Matter fact yo ugly ass a hoe!" And with that I hung that bitch up and went on to feed my kids. Fuck him.

Khalil P.o.v.

Mannnn she bad. She beautiful and she a great mother? Gahdamn! I back across the street to finish rearranging my house to my liking but then I started thinking about her again and what that nigga did to her was so unacceptable smh. But that's coo' because imma make her happy Cause she deserve it. *knock knock* Maybe that's her Awwwh shit *opens it*

Awwh Hell Nah! "Monica? The Hell You Doing Here!"

She stepped in "I Can't come help my baby move in to his house?"

"BITCH I MOVED A THOUSAND MILES AWAY FROM YO ASS!" I said pushing her back out the door. Then she looked at me all sad. Ian falling for that .

"But I'm pregnant!" I started cracking the fuck up. Literally rolling on the floor Cause tf?

"With What? A Muhfuckinnn Uhhhhhh Fuck Outta Here" I Slammed The Door And Went Upstairs.


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