3 Years Later

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"PurseFhone, wake up", she herd. She woke up to her mother right in front of her. "Please get up and take a shower. Then put on the new dress on", commanded her mother.

One she was out of the shower and had her dress on, she went to her sister Emely. She looked at Emely. She was wearing a dress like her's."Emi, can you brush my hair please?". Emely nodded and patted a spot on her bed, as to tell her younger sister to sit next to her. PurseFhone left then, came beck with a blue brush in her hands. She handed her sister the brush and sat down. Then Emely started brushing her sister's hair.

"Why do we need to wear fancy dresses?", asked PurseFhone. "Mommy is getting married today", was Emely's answer. "But what about Daddy? You said he just left somewhere and he wouldn't come back. He loves us, he wouldn't just leave us like that!"

"He's gone PurseFhone........and he's never coming back"

Emely started crying. Suddenly footsteps were herd from the other room getting closer."Hey Emely, do you know were PurseFhone and Le-" asked their other sister, Lily. "Oh". Lily just walked away and slowly and told PurseFhone to let Emely have some alone time. Leon then walked into the room. "Hey, you both look beautiful in your dresses", he complimented his sisters."You don't look bad yourself", replied Lily. Both girls looked at their brother all suited up. Then their step-father walked in.

PurseFhone didn't know why but since the first day she met him, she knew he was bad. He tried warning her brother. But he thought she was talking nonsense. He ignored that what she said.

Her step-father then turned his head to PurseFhone. His face looked devilish.'Why?'."Get in the car now, or we'll be late", he comanded. Soon they all were all in the car ready to go to the church.

I was late midnight when they returned home from the wedding. PurseFhone herd her step-father saying something to her mother on he rway to her room."Sandy, let's rule this world. We can cause destruction, we can do want ever we want", said the devilish man."I can't......I have my children to look after, and I'm angel. I can't turn down the world, I made a promise to protect it!", replied her mother."Fine Sandy, do as please....", he said in an evil way.

"But you're putting your family in greater danger than before....."

(Hey, second chapter done. Yay! So I will try putting pov's and stuff. But that's for next chapter, the Fluffy Husky out~)

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