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Buzzing mind,
Smiling face,
Oh man,
This is by far my favorite phase!

I can do anything!
My mind is free!
I am important!
I am me.

My heart is light,
I feel as though I should run,
Take flight!
Any doubt is slight.

Depression can come back later,
My thoughts are racing stars.
Follow them, 
Find even more beauty.

Who needs to worry about the future?
Lets live in the now.
Leave some worries behind,
Lets start up those creative minds.

Write a poem,
Make a song.
Your opinions do truly matter,
They have all along!

The cup is half full,
I can hardly sit still.
Sleeping takes too much time,
There are things to do!

The nightmares are gone for now,
I sleep soundly, 
Although restless.
Why must we sleep?

Don't mind me,
I'm just the bipolar bitch you talk about!
But hey,
Do you talk about me and smile?
Will you smile,
For me?

I do hope I'm not asking too much,
But smiles mean the world to me!
Laughter has such a pleasant ring to it,
Wouldn't you say so?

Laugh at me if you'd like,
There are no cares to be given!
Laughter is a gift,
I feel honored to make you happy!
Please, smile, laugh,
Enjoy yourself!

Oh, if I had money,
I would buy you the world!
Anything to make you happy.

Look at the snow,
Isn't it pretty?

Reminds me of you,
When you smile.
Wanna do me a favor?

Smile a little. 

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