Untitled Part 4

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chapter 4

The next day i woke up and just stayed in bed. "get up lexi" lauren said. "no im staying in the room today" i said. "fine but you are coming out to lunch with me and nash later" lauren said. "ughhhh" i said while stuffing my face in a pillow. After lauren left i got up and got dressed just to be ready. "KNOCK" i heard at the door, i went and opend it when i saw it was hayes i shut it on his face. "lexi wait can we please talk?" hayes says. "fine you have two seconds" i said while opening the door and letting him in. "ok listen im sorry about what happened yesterday with cam and i know what will cheer you up" hayes said smiling. "What?" I asked confused. "I brought movies and ice cream" Hayes said while putting the notebook in and sitting on Lauren's bed. We were watching the notebook when someone knocked on the door. I got up and answered it "hey Lexi" Cameron said as I opened the door. "Hey cam what's up?" I asked. "um are you and Hayes a thing?" He asked. "no" I said. "So does that mean you will go on that date with me now" cam asked. "Srry but no oops Hayes is waiting for me got to go bye" I said while shutting the door and watching the movie. After the movie Lauren and Nash came back and picked up me and Hayes and we all went to chipotle for lunch. After lunch we went back to the hotel and the guys went to their hotel room. So I a went to asleep cause tomorrow we had to wake up early.

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