Chapter 4- Just Wake Up

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"How! How did you manage to defeat her and capture her?!" Melody shouted. Tears strolling down her face.

"It's not that hard to find the opposite of somebody's magic." The white haired boy replied "if someone's magic is fire. The opposite would be water. If someone's was dark magic, likes your dear Mystique. The opposite would be light magic."

"So you cheated her! I haven't seen my sister for a whole year and when I finally find her, she's in a cage! Because you fucking captured her!! I'm going to kill you!!" Midnight shouted and started to run towards him. "Life dragon, iron fist!"

She ran towards the boy and hit him with her life magic. He was pushed back but lost his balance and fell on the floor. He was laughing.

"Well, well well. You managed to hit me. Congratulations but it won't happen again." He smirked "you see, I can manipulate peoples magic. I can use all types of magic apart from dark magic. I haven't mastered that type yet."

"Yeah well, Mystique is the strongest user of dark magic so you'll never be the master of it!!!!" Melody shouted.

After 5 minutes of trying to defeat him, the strongest team had failed. Loke had tried to go back to the celestial world, but for some reason it wouldn't work.

"Looks like you couldn't defeat me, so it looks like the cage is going to be dropped." The guy, now known as Lucas, said.

"Noooooo!!!!!!" Melody and Midnight shouted in unison. They looked towards the cage. The chain broke and the cage fell.

Melody screamed and tried to jump towards the hole. Natsu grabbed her waist to stop her from falling into the hole. Midnight was crying her eyes out and then a cloud formed above her. It was raining above her head.

"Decks, bring out the secret weapon!" Lucas shouted.

Everyone looked towards these big double doors and saw 4 men carrying a large wooden box.

"What's s-so heavy that y-you need 4 men to c-carry it?" Grey stuttered. Lucas smirked.

"Decks, open the box. Show them our secret that we capture exactly 1 year ago." Decks nodded and opened the box. Everyone could see a figure in the box.

"Can you feel that magic energy. It's overwhelming." Erza spoke. Everyone could feel the energy.

"It's feels evil. And dark." Natsu said. Melody took her head out of the crook of Natsu's neck and looked.

"I know who that is. But..... It can't be. She's dead now." Melody said.
The box was tipped up and the figure fell out.

"It is her!" Midnight said. The rain above her disappeared and she seemed a lot happier "wait! What do you mean secret weapon?"

"She's our weapon. We've cleared her mind so she can't be awoken until we are defeated but, she has power twice as strong as her sisters. Either way, she's not getting defeated."

"What do you mean by awoken?" Loke asked.

"I've put a sleeping spell on her. Now she's mine. I've controlled her mind. She doesn't know about anything that's going on outside her head." Decks explained.

"Mystique. Needs to be woken up." Melody whispered in Natsu's ear. Natsu nodded and ran over to Erza.

"Erza, we need to wake Mystique up. Without getting killed." Natsu whispered. Erza agreed and there plan went straight into action.

"Go my weapon. Kill them all and show no mercy." Deck shouted and Mystiques magic energy increased.

Dark energy radiated off of her body and she was surrounded by a dark orb.

The Quinn sistersBu hikayeyi ÜCRETSİZ oku!