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A/N: I am writing this on February 16th, 2014. Today might be the last day for my Aunt-in-law. The cancer in her body has taken over and she's hanging on by a thread. But this is for her and for my step dad, for my grandmother-in-law and the rest of her family that is hanging on with her. This is my gift to them all, in hopes that they will find hope and peace.

Debbie passed away at 10:10 pm PST, on February, 23rd, 2014 from cancer. She will be missed.

I hope you smile

Smile with grace

I hope the love, the happiness

Brings a smile to your face

I hope you live, in a heavenly grace

I hope the love brings a smile to your face.

I hope you feel

With an abundance of hope

That your life touches others

And tightens the bond, the everlasting rope.

I hope you smile and feel bliss

I hope the memory

The thought, you will keep and never miss.

I hope you smile

I hope you dream

Dream of the sun

I hope you feel your family's heart

Your heart is all one.

I hope you smile

And smile forever without end.

I hope you smile when your body slows

And your heart stops

And you soul begins to ascend

Smile forever Debbie. Smile with love.

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