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My family sat around the dinner table of my home. Our family wasn't big it was only my mum, my dad and I. My mum and I spent hours on end cleaning, cooking and sowing while my dad worked.In our society, women were supposed to do housework no matter the age. So instead of being at school learning how to make a change, I was at home cleaning because apparently women can't make a change to the world. When we sit to eat, it was the only time we were seen as equals to the men of our country, it was the only time we could speak when we wanted. My father doesn't agree with this and neither does my mother. They both are avid believers that we all are equal but we are still treated this way because of the government. They have eyes everywhere. No matter where we are, what we do they know.

"Malika, I want you to listen to me." My father spoke suddenly. I nodded gesturing for him to continue. "They are coming for all of us and I want you to leave. "

I gasp at this. Have they finally found father and mother after so long?

" Yes dear. We have money upstairs. You must hurry."

I sit there paralyzed. What do I do? I haven't ever had to do something like this.

"Hurry Malika before-"

My mum is cut off by a gun shot being released. It penatrates her chest and blood starts to bubble from it. Soon she is lying on the ground surrounded by blood. A gurgled sound erupts from me as I stare at her body.

"Quickly. There's no time to lose." My father tells me, running off. I follow behind him like a lost puppy. "Go to London at by where they call London Bridge, you have an uncle. Go to him and he will help you bring Justice. Girls need to be able to do what men do." He hands me a bag and we start to run. I hear an engine and I turn to see a black van following closely. It stops and a gun appears at the side. Before I could even even comprehend what was happening dad was on the floor gasping for air.

"No!" I yelled as my father's body lay limp on the floor. I watched as the man drove off. Both my parents, dead. Money, gone. I am alone.

My name is Melika and before all of this I was a considerably sixteen year old. I had loving family, had caring friends and a great boyfriend. You know the saying the truth will let you free? It's a lie. The truth twisted and distorted me causing me to become someone I didn't want to be. It ripped my life into shreds. This is my story of how the truth sent me fleeing for my life and how I ended up in London as a immigrant.

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