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God. We were just so perfect together, but once again I had to go fuck shit up. I thought to myself while sitting on my bed. I couldn't help but think that Jase wasn't coming back. It broke my heart, kind of like a stinging feeling, one of those pains that you want to go away but it just won't and you feel no need to try and make it better. you just want to sit there and wait for the it to pass. I couldn't help but wonder how was I going to tell my parents how was I going to brake them the news. Just then I hear my phone ring... Ugggh I really didn't want to answer it I just wanted to sit and waste, but I got up to answer it anyway..
Bella Mae: hello
Ryan: Hey hunny bunny, how did you sleep?
Oh shit I forgot about Ryan the one who got me into this mess. Fuuuuuck I clenched my jaw.
Bella Mae: oh yeah umm I slept great what about you hun?
Ryan: it was okay, I guess hey can we meet up today and talk about the baby?
Bella Mae: umm yeah sure hun, meet you at "Jo Jo's Fro Yo" at 3 okay.
Ryan: okay bye babe.
Bella Mae: umm yeah bye.

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