There is nothing ordinary about it!

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Most of the time we ignore tinsy tiny stuff which we consider in "who cares" category, some of the time when we think we know people so well they won't do anything that will hurt you! Most of the time they are the only one who slowly and gradually kills you from inside but what's unfortunate? It's that they are the only one who can make your life heaven, who can make you laugh when you thought you can't even smile, they are the one who just light up your world.

People tends to make tons of promises, before blaming or judging "people" let us first classify people; who fits perfectly into that description. People such as Friends, Relatives (from whom we don't really expects much) , Boyfriends, Girlfriends. Some of them makes sure not to let go of their promises, whereas for some of them they are making promises as to break some kind of Genius Record.. (I'm pretty sure for each one of you have thought of someone carrying that trait)

Promises word sound so simple and soothing to one's ears but eventually in the end those promises utterly seem to be as big fat liers , even though there is no fault in them; it's just world who turns out to be so twisted! There is nothing ordinary about promises.. few promises are so simple yet so tough to keep up with them, that at times we wonder why did we even made that promises?   Such as to be friends for lifetime, to be with you whenever world is against you, to make you smile when you are sad, to be there for you in good and bad days..(it is rather easy to be with someone in their good days than in bad days)

Few things are better said than done! It is just that people doesn't consider it as mandatory because for some promises are something ordinary which is said and forgotten! But for some there is nothing ordinary about it, as they are counting on them and their promises. 

Hey readers I hope I didn't turned this blog into sobby and totally depressing.. *heavy laughs *

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