Blade's Such A Fangirl.

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Raven's P.O.V

'I let him bite me' was all I kept saying to myself. He was my mate. I have known this from the second I met him. But even instincts can be wrong you know, but this is destiny. I've never felt so happy. In that moment, which I thought had been shared between us. Was all of a sudden turned into a group orgy. Ashley, Blade, CC, Jinx and Jake walked in. To witness the cookie doe covered people making/biting out. Like what the flying fuck?! 

"I FUCKING KNEW IT!" Blade screamed. She then promptly began jumping up and down. She was pretty much fangirling as me and Andy lay on the floor with our legs intertwined. The guys stood with their mouths open. I thought she was dying so I hit her in the face. She screamed. "Agh, dude I was just celebrating." 

"You're a fucking crazy woman. Sorry by the way." I gulped, placing my hand where I had hit her. Sometimes it escapes my mind of how strong I am and how weak others are. I try to be considerate but it's difficult at times. "You know I got so used to us just being one person, that I forget we're not the same people." I pondered, this sparked an idea in my head and Blade read and agreed in a matter of seconds.

"Yes we should power share." She nodded and walked off. Leaving me to my own thoughts for a while. This was going to take a lot of preparation.

A/N: thank you for all the support. I will keep trying to update more now as my IT exam is over. Bye cuties. <3

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