chapter 13: this cant be happening!!!

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~Sean's POV~
RING RING!!!! I woke up to my phone going off.

"Hello?" I asked waking up.
"JACK!!!" Screamed mark.
"What!?" I screamed back.
"I'm at the hospital and raven and seizure and come!!!" Babbled mark. I woke up (you're name) and told her about raven. She grabbed Dillon, still in her pjs and ran out the door. I grabbed the car keys and ran out the door. I probably got to the hospital in 10 seconds. We ran in, got to ravens room. Mark was standing out crying. She handed me Dillon and consoled mark.

"Raven...they said she might not make it.." Mark cried. (You're name) started to cry..I consoled them...

~marks POV~
My little girl..may not make tears where streaming down my face, I just thought of her..her cried even harder... A doctor came out.

"Mark?" I sprang up alone with (you're name) and Jack.
"Yes?" I asked whipping the tears.
"Raven is fine. She will recover but she needs to stay the night for intensive care." The doctor had said. I smiled knowing my baby will be ok.

~later that day~ normal POV
After the hospital, mark took raven and dillon. Mark offered and me and Sean were ok with it.

-marks POV~
(You're name) taught me some signs to know what Dillon would be saying. I now have raven and Dillon. I showed Dillon some of my videos. He loves it! X3 he's now my 3rd little biscuit! (Tiny box time being my first and raven my 2nd) I gave them a tiny box tim plushy each and they loved him! X3 wade and bob helped me with them and everything is going smoothly. I knew (you're name) and Sean needed some time alone so I offered the idea of me taking Dillon also. I laid there next to my baby girl and Dillon just watching mine, bobs, wades and jacks videos. They fell asleep then soon I did.

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