Chapter 2:Nursury Rhyme

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The blonde woman stares at me as if actually expecting me to respond.
"Lydia." she tries again as if I hadn't heard her the first time.
If I didn't answer her the first time, idk what makes her think I would the second time. Either she's crazy...or extremely optimistic. Quite possibly both.
I just stare at her blankly, not really knowing what to do or say. Can you blame me though? I have never seen this woman in my life, and here she is repeating my name.

A girl to her right silently walks towards me. At first I don't even notice her approaching me, I just happen to look up and find myself face-to-face with the brunette. Nearly gives me a heart attack.
I shriek extremely girly-like to my dismay. Nothing I hate more than a girly-girl... And here I was frightened of a 5'3" teen.

The brunette looks at me cautiously as if afraid of rejection and says "Lyds."
I tense at the tone of endearment in her words. She seems to notice this, and steps back into her original position beside the blonde.
She reminds me of a deflated balloon just recently popped. It feels as if I sucked the happiness and joy right off her face with one swift move.

I'm so on edge about now. Everything feels like it's out to get me. I feel claustrophobic, which is quite odd considering this room is huge, as if 5 rooms decided to merge and become 1.

I stare at the crowd completely dumbfounded by my now new surrounding. The room has red wires dangling from the ceiling. And there is a huge screen and speaker taking up the whole left wall. Plus the floor appears to be made of pure glass. I'm utterly frightened at this new change of scenery. I try to get up, but I'm yanked down by metal chains on my arms. Their cold and barren look reminds me of the chains used on prisoners. Also when I flex or move they scrape my sensitive arms with their metallic build.

"Why are their chains on my arms?!" I demand sternly.
"It was for your protection" the brunette explains softly. Which makes utterly no sense, how exactly is it protecting me! I'm not going to stab myself in the heart or anything!
"And more importantly ours," says the blonde. We couldn't be sure you'd wake up calmly." she states.
"Well glad not to disappoint!" I growl.
I try lifting my arm, but am prevented of this due to the now extra weight of the chains. I absolutely loathe these chains.
They make me feel restricted and powerless, a feeling I don't want to grow too fond of.

I begin to yank at my chains repeatedly. Though they start scraping my arms with each force of strength, but I refuse to flinch at the newborn pain. By the time they finally remove them, my arms are pink fleshed with streaks of blood.
"Calm down, I understand your emotions have all been heightened, but no need to be so forceful, King Kong" the blonde snickers.

This blonde 'bimbette' in front of me has some nerve to talk to me like that. Her audacity level escalates the height of the empire state building.
I lean forward with one push and spit at her shoe.
Her black shoe which was once flawless and perfectly kept now has a blob of saliva resting at it's tip. It's quite amusing in fact, it's like seeing a carrot in the snack aisle, so out of place.

She raises her hand dangerously at me, but suddenly stops. I note her action was peculiar, it's not as if she was going to hit me. But as if she had another idea in mind. Kinda as if she wou-
A shutter to the right of me interrupts my thoughts and nearly knocks me off my hospital bed. Calling it a shudder was a bit of an understatement, to me it felt like an earthquake. Everyone disperses from me at once. As if I were "old news."
The brunette, despite being the farthest is one of the first to reach the bed beside me. She leans cautiously over the bed, and in the process casts a slim shadow.
"Giale" she finally says.

My attention is then drawn to the figure on the bed. I try to get a glimpse of the figure, but everyone's crowding. I haven't seen people this excited since "Damon and Elena" became a thing. Though even then people weren't crazy like wild dogs in the streets as they are now.
I shove a person out of my way giving me a clear view. I feel bad about my whole rude facade, but got over it quickly once I saw the person.
The person has black gelled hair that falls just above his neck and dark blue eyes that can be mistaken for gray.
It's the boy, I note.

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