The Light Witches Amulet

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"Mother, when will I grow into my powers?"

My Mother picked up my Moon Amulet and examined it. "Well,
your Amulet is still blue so about a year or two."

My jaw dropped. "Two years! I shall parish from the plague before than!"

My mother twirled on her heels. "Don't you raise your voice at me. Your 14 years old. You can't just expect that your powers will come when you feel like it. Come on, walk faster. We need to get stared before supper." With that we were on our way back home.

I dragged my feet and stared at my apron. I looked to my left and there was Matthew. My best friend. it looked like he was buying more wine for the church. His father was the pastor.

"Abigail, come on." Mother said grabbing my wrist and pulling me along. I just pray that Matthew did not see this for everyone in the square was looking.

We stopped at a market for some herbs (for a potion). "I'll take some ginger root, hawthorn berries, and witch hazel."

"If I didn't now any better than I would say you were a witch" the owner of the store said. Mother stared at her for a long time before muttering some words under her breath. The owner smiled.

"You haven't needed a spell like that in a long time Seer." What! How did this wench know Mother was the Seer! "I thought you wouldn't recognize me."

"Your spell coated your appearance to all oracles, not other witches." What! I should have known Mother used a spell! I'm such a hopeless witch!

The owners eyes seemed dead. "What in the future is so bad you need a portal to the realm?"

Mother stepped closer. She whispered some words to the owner that I couldn't make out, but it made her turn white in the face.

She gave us the ingredients.

I turned to look at the woman before following Mother. She was absolutely terrified.

We finally made it to our cottage. Mother immediately started the pot over the fire.

"Abigail give me the ginger root."

"Yes Mother." I passed Mother the ginger root. She cut it up and put it in the pot. "Um... Mother. What will this potion do?"

Mother paused and looked at me. "You know a Seer can see the future." I nodded. "Well, with the right spell, I can alter it. It's a forbidden spell."

Forbidden spells were outlawed by the elders for their immense risk of exposer to the craft.

"Mother, a forbidden spell could kill the caster!" I became worried. Mother would never resort to a forbidden spell unless this was a great threat to the magic realm.

Mother put her hands on my shoulders. "Abigail, what's important now is that you keep your amulet pure."

Pure? What does that mean?

"And stay away for the Oracle."

"We don't have an Oracle in town." Mother turned the pot. "I have to change fate, or all hope is lost."

Mother put some potion into a bowl and drank it. The bowl fell to the floor.
"Mother!" I cried.

Mothers brown eyes turned blue, her hair turned white. She was being consumed by the darkness. If Mother didn't pull out soon she would fall to darkness.


Then her pure light amulet turned black. The spell was completed, but at what cost?

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