Chapter 5

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Beth's POV

We got to the coffee shop but my mind was still focused on the Black Range Rover which was parked in front of our house earlier.  That car reminded me of Harry but I knew he wouldn't come. If only I had seen the number plate! Damn

"Here we are!" I say parking the car. Oh feels sooo good to drive my own car.  All the girls get out of the car except Bella I turn around and look to her. "What's wrong" I ask knowing she saw my distraction. " nothing its just that you seem upset. You know if you ever need to talk you can talk to me. We are twins after all we are supposed to share things." Its true though Bella was right although I will talk to her later about things. "Later sis, lets just enjoy now!" I say with a simile and get out of the car and so does Bella.

We walk into the shop and sit next to the girls who have got a booth next to the window. I can see my car from here so  I don't mind. The coffee shop was nice and cozy.


We sat a chatted for a really long time I had a hot chocolate, Bella and Angel had the same and Scarlet and Madeline had something I couldn't make out.

"Girls how's school, mom, dad,your brother and you sister?" I ask wanting to start a conversation.  "Oh well my bro is a annoying little pest!" Madeline complained as uausal. "Ok...what's the prank did  he pull on you this time?" I asked as the last time I went he and my younger brother did blue  paint on us."haha...very funny! He is way worse now you know the last time they pulled the paint prank on us?  But he is different now he found a way to drop me from the TV room into the basement and lock the door!" Madeline said as if it was fun. "How do you get out?"  Bella asked a little confused.  "I didn't't really. He gets bored and opens the door.  So basically," the door bell ring stopped her half and her eyes widen in surprise and what else...fear? Bella Angel and I couldn't see who was  behind us but Scarlet and Madeline could. That moment I got a text from mom saying. 'Your elder brother and his friends are on their way to the coffee shop to meet you girls.

Love Mom xxx♥♥'

I forgot to mention about my elder brother! His name is Aaron and he is  just a year older to us. He is  crazy but right now I'm very worried about why Scarlet and Madeline stop talking.

That very moment my bro text me saying he was parking his car and coming with his friends.

'Just parked the car outside the coffee shop coming in. Love you lots.'

I wanted to know what was going on so me Bella and Angel turned only to face our worst nightmares of all.


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