Part four.

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- whole chapter is another flashback -

It's been about a day since Kayla had left with the girls after the fight we had. I'm starting to miss my girls more and more every minute that they're not here with me.

Sure, I've been an asshole, and I regret it. I took it too far when I yelled at Kayla last night.

I regret spending too much time at work because now it's hurting my family and I hate myself for that. I know owning a company is tough, but like Kayla said, it's my fault.

So when Kayla walked through the front door around noon, I was beyond relieved. I thought she was going to leave me forever...but that sounded a bit dramatic.

"Where are the girls?" Was the first thing I asked her.

She looked at me, "with my parents."

She sat down at the kitchen table, and I sat down with her too. It was a little awkward because she just walked in and didn't say anything...

"Kayla, look, I'm sorry-"

"Harry stop apologizing! You apologize after everything and think it's okay!" She screamed at me. "It's never okay!"

I was taken back by her sudden outburst. I didn't really know what else to say.


She shook her head.

"Harry, I love you more than anything, but all you do these days is work! You're never here for anything anymore. And when you are, you're always in a bad mood and you snap at everything. I hate it harry, I really do."

"Baby, I'll lay off on working, I told you. You know I will."

She scoffed, "that's what you said last time."

"I promise you I will keep it this time!" I yelled at her and stood up. "You don't realize how terrible I feel for missing out on everything! I know I'm a self conceited asshole, but I love you and I'm willing to do anything for you! I gave up everything for you! I gave up my friendships, my spare time, my money, everything! I'm really trying here, okay. I'm trying."

I let out a breath after I said all of that and looked at Kayla, who was sitting there with wide eyes.

"Please," I managed to get out. "I love you. I don't want to lose what means most to me. I will try to do everything to spend time with you and the girls."

I stood up and walked over to Kayla and knelt down beside her.

"Harry, I-"

"Let's get our vows renewed."

"W-what?" She chocked out.

"Please Kayla. I want this again. We've been falling apart again and I want to renew our vows to show you how much you mean to me...we can go to therapy too, baby. Please, just don't leave me."

"I wasn't going to leave you," she giggled. " you really think we should renew our vows?"

I nodded.

"Okay. Let's do it."

And with that, she pressed her soft, plump lips, to mine.

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