Chapter 5

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I threw my phone into the corner of the room "uslise piece of technology" i almost screamed after that i just laid on the floor listening i could hear the T.V. NEWS FLASH a 11 year old girl Joy Chaperstein was kidnapped early in the morning walking to an art school. I could here an all to familiar voice. Mom hearing here voice brought tears to my eyes.i could hear someone coming so i closed my eyes as they entered my brain kept telling my to beat him to a pulp then run and my heart said to just sit there and take it head on so they know im not going down without a fight. In this situation all i could do was listen to my heart even though it got me into this but it was still my heart "hey sunshine how are you" said Jake "well you burned my hair you broke my phone and dont forget that you took me from my family and friends" i screamed "Joy if you raise your voice one more time you will pay" said Jake. "Ya sure like thats going to happen i muttered under my breath.

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