Chapter Thirty-Four: Till Death Do Us Part

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After another stop in Lux’s room to hide his boxes of credits in a similar fashion as before, and telling R3 what she wanted done, Ahsoka broke into a run. She had to get to the landing zone to make sure that the evacuation was going smoothly.

Suddenly she saw Lux running down the hallway towards her. He skidded to a halt in front of her. “Ahsoka, I have to talk to you!” he said, panting.

“Well, that answers my first question,” she said. “What’s–”

Suddenly she felt excruciating pain resonating throughout the Force. Someone close to her was hurting, and badly. She stumbled, pressing her hands to her forehead in an effort to make it go away.

“Ahsoka, what is it? Tell me what’s hurting you!”

“A… Anakin…” she managed to say. “He’s in terrible pain. And… he’s almost dead. He’s not going to be able to fight, even with Healing.”

His eyes widened in alarm. “What are we going to do? The Empire has surely sent a full legion to wipe us out by now! If we don’t have the Chosen One at our side… It’s only a matter of time before they find our hiding spot!”

“There’s nothing we can do.” She reached into the Force, feeling for where the Storm Troopers were. “It’s too late… I can sense that they’ve already reached the entrance. We’d never get everyone out in time.” Her voice cracked with emotion.

“We can try,” Lux said. “We have to try. You can’t give up. Not now. Please…” He gripped her shoulder.

“There’s no hope left anymore. There’s nothing left. We’re going to lose this, Lux. I’m so sorry.” Tears began to drip down Ahsoka’s cheeks. “I’ve failed.”

She was quiet for a moment, crying silently. “You need to get everyone to the Caves,” she said, referring to the system of cavities below the mountain, which had been reinforced with beskar doors. “Barricade the doors; let no one in. There’s still a chance you can outlast them, or tunnel through the back wall.”

“Wait. You didn’t say ‘we’… No! You have to come with us! I won’t leave you!”

“Lux, I built this. I built it with my own bare hands. And a Republic General goes down with their ship… and that’s what I am. So I will go down with this.”

“No…” Lux’s eyes filled.

Ahsoka walked the few steps in between them and fitted herself into his arms, wrapping her arms around his neck. “I love you,” she whispered, and kissed him on the lips.

It started out with little, gentle kisses, but gradually their fear of losing one another shone through, and it turned hard and passionate and scared. Ahsoka didn’t want to leave him, with his strong safe arms, his soft lips and his sweet, boyish smile. But she had to if she wanted to protect him.

And she would do anything to keep him safe.

After a long string of kisses, they broke apart, and their eyes met. Lux’s kind, blue-gray ones filled. “I can’t do it, Ahsoka! I just… I can’t leave you!”

She buried her face in the crook of his neck. “You have to, Lux. Please…” She took his face in her hands and kissed him again softly.

“Go.” No words had ever had more weight than the one that had just come out of her mouth. She looked deep into his eyes, memorizing every detail, so that if she died today, she would still be able to see them as she slipped away.

But now wasn’t the time to think about that. Slowly, reluctantly, his arms left their places at her waist. He took a few steps away, not looking away from her eyes, then took off down the hallway.

She watched him go, and more tears slipped down her face. Then she could hold it in no longer, and began sobbing. I’m not all-powerful, she thought. I should be, but I’m not. I can still suffer from heartbreak.

She hid her face in her hands for a moment, willing the tears to stop, but they refused to obey. She turned around and ran, back towards the entrance.

But something stopped her dead in her tracks. Coming out of the entrance were thousands of white, humanoid figures. Storm Troopers. A sudden gust of wind made her clothes billow around her, as she watched them approach.

Silently, she took out her lightsabers and turned them on. Tears continued to drip down her face, and one fell onto her yellow-green shoto, where it was burnt into oblivion.

About fifty meters from where she stood, they stopped, blasters at the ready. She swung her lightsabers gracefully, getting herself ready for the eventual confrontation. “A General goes down with her ship…”

*THE TROOPERS ARE COMING THE TROOPERS ARE COMING!!! *bugle blares in the background* In case you people didn't notice or didn't remember, the middle part of this scene was in Chrisopherus's vision. AND IT'S COME TRUUUUUE!!!

Is Anakin still alive? Will Ahsoka find out how to defeat the Storm Troopers? WILL LUX AND AHSOKA EVER SEE EACH OTHER AGAIN?! Find out... um... EITHER TONIGHT OR TOMORROW!!!

FInd your aunt and uncle burnt to a crisp by Storm Troopers and may the Force be with you,


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