You and Luke had been dating for about a year now. He had just gotten back from his tour and you couldn't be happier. He had promised to take you out to a movie tonight, ''wear something nice'' he had said to you. You sighed, he was a last minute kind of guy and always told you that you were going somewhere at the last minute.

You took a shower, put on makeup and got dressed in ripped black skinny jeans, red converse and a t-shirt saying 'California Girls' with a little touch of makeup. You heard the doorbell ring and you rushed downstairs to answer it. There he was; in black skinny jeans, vans and his nirvana shirt. He smiled when he saw you. ''Wow Y/N, you really do look gorgeous tonight'' Luke said, stunned. ''Thanks'' you smirked. You always had this effect on him, you loved it. ''Well were going to be late for the movie if we stand around all night'' he said and walked you into his car.

He stopped the car in the Theaters parking lot and opened the door for you. ''Ladies first'' he said and bowed making you laugh and push him. ''I missed you'' you smiled and held his hand as he bought the tickets -which you weren't allowed to look at- and sweets. ''Lukeee'' you whined, ''please tell me what we are going to seee!'' You really wanted to know what you guys were seeing. He smirked and shook his head making you sigh and pout. 

When the movie started you immediately knew what movie he brought you to see. ''The Fault In Our Stars'' you smiled, you had been wanting to see this movie for ages and he promised you he'd bring you to see it. You had thought he would have forgotten but he didn't. ''Your such a dork'' you said to him as you kissed his cheek. ''And I love you for that''. He blushed and kissed you softly, his black lip ring softly pressing into the side of your lip. ''I Love you too. I missed you so much when I was on tour'' he said, clutching your hand.

By the end of the movie you were crying and Luke had to cuddle you to make you calm down. ''B-but he didn't deserve that!'' you gushed, sobbing quietly. ''Sshhh angel, I know. I know'' he said, soothing you. You smiled and snuggled into him ''I love you Luke''. ''I love you too Y/N''

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