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Elsa's POV/

I plan on getting my sister and Rapunzal together. I will admit. Anna being lesbian. Is pretty hot. Kinda sexy

"What're you thinking?" Jack asked me as I stared at the palms of my hands. "Oh nothing" I smiled cheekily.

Jack smiles and kisses my cheek softly. I blush. Not getting used to warmth yet.

"We're here" The driver said. He got out and opened the doors. I went first, then Jack, Anna and then Kristoff.

We walked inside. Elegant music filled the whole ballroom that we were in. Glasses and whine clicking as we walked in. The ball room was beautiful and sophisticated. Me and Jack linked arms and Anna and Kristoff followed closely behind us.

"Elsa?" I heard a girl voice say. I turn around as I saw Rapunzal running up to us. "Punzie" I said. Remembering the nickname I gave her.

She hugged me tightly ask returned the favor. I took a glance at Anna and she had a disgusted face. I let go of Rapunzal and I walked her over to Kristoff, Jack and Anna.

"This is Rapunzal. My old friend" I smile as she shook hands with Jack and Kristoff. She hugged Anna tightly as Anna blushed. I smirked as I walked behind them.

"Don't worry. You'll be on a date with her in no time"

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