Chapter Two

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I cringe as I feel Kade yanked from me and thrown out the door.

"Are you okay?" I hear a young man's voice.

I open my eyes to see one of the boys that were staring at me.

I stay silent.

"Well I like your shoes." He says. He points down and I see that he has the same exact pair of converse on! I smile.

"Hey guess what? You're being taken away from this hell hole, away from that perv, and coming to live with me!"

My eyes widen.

I'm being adopted?

By six teenagers?!

What has this generation turned into?

"My name's Kian, yours is...?"

"Gray." I answer quietly.

"Gray. I like that name. Well I'm here to help you pack your bags while your new dad is writing out all the papers." I nod and bite my lip.

"So... what do you like to do?" He asks me as he sits on my bed and stares around.

So much for 'helping me pack.'

"I skateboard" I squeak.

"Skateboarding? Cool. I bet you're good at it." I shrug.

"Is that it?" He says as I shove one dress, about fifteen shirts into a suitcase.

I shrug again. There's not much to do in a place like this unless people like you.

I shove three pairs of shorts and one pair of sweatpants into another suitcase along with my pennyboard.

"You know your new dad is a big fan of skateboarding." I look back at him.

Yeah. Sure. Dad. I totally know him. We're like best friends.

He must've noticed that I was looking at him weirdly because he quickly replied with, "Oh I'm not your dad," he paused. "He's down signing the papers." He smiled.

This is going to be interesting.

I stand up and he puts his arm around my shoulder.

I literally felt like I was going to throw up. WHAT IS THIS FEELING I DO NOT KNOW.

We walk downstairs and I see all but the short guy with the ruffled hair.

Kian introduces me to the guys: Connor and Sam are absolutely adorable, Ricky is the 'sass queen,' whatever that means, and Trevor is a hella good singer.

"Just no dating!" I hear the guy with the ruffled hair say as he walks out of the office.

Honestly, I have had enough of boys at the moment to even be thinking about... dating.

"I'm Jc, I'm your father." I nod and smile.

I smile at him.

"Can she talk?" I hear a voice whisper?

"Yes!" I snap. I hate boys.

Sam shrugs but Kian elbows him.

"She's just shy."

Oh hell no, beotch.

I caught Sam looking at me a lot. What does he want?

When we get in the car, I get the window seat.

"So, what do you like to do?" Jc says, trying to make it not-awkward.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, don't you skateboard a lot, JJ?" Kian asks smugly.

"Don't call me that!"


"To answer your question, yes, I do. We'll have to go riding with eachother" He says and winks.

It's kinda awkward since he's sitting right next to me.

Sam Pottorff

Why the hell does she look so familiar?

I've caught myself staring at her more than once.

Oh well.


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