A normal day in Moonlight's life

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Moon: *slowly wakes up. Turns to see his still sleeping brother... on the floor. He goes and lifts him back up. Afterwards, he does a quick morning routine and steps out of the room*

Russia: *slams into him by accident* Sorry! *keeps running*

Belarus: BIG BROTHER!!!! *nearly tramples over Moon*

Moon: *lets out a silent sigh of relief*

Alfred: Woah, dude! Are you ok?!

Moon: *nods*

Alfred: Here, let me help you up! Why? BECAUSE I'M THE HERO!! *picks up Moon, but nearly slams him into the roof in the process. One of Moon's pets, a blue wisp, fazes through the wall and near Alred.... The 'hero' drops Moon in a panic and runs away with the wisp hot on his trail* AHHH!!! GHOST!!!!

Moon: *slowly gets up and walks to the kitchen. He makes pancakes*

Kumajiro: *sitting on a chair by the table* Can I have some?

Matthew: *falls down from an open portal in the ceiling, which closes the moment he hits the floor* Maple!!

Moon: *silently sighs and makes enough pancakes for the four of them. Yes, four.*

Mid: *floats into the kitchen and 'sits' on a chair*

~After Breakfast~

Moon: *finishes cleaning the plates and walks to the couch to read*

Axel: *runs into him and they both fall down* OW!!! Next time, MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!!!

Moon: *slowly looks down*

Axel: Hey! Are you even listening to me?!

Arctic: Dude, calm down. He's mute, remember? Besides, it's not his fault you're being chased by girls for accidentally walking into their room.

Sarah, Jade, and Skylar: AXEL!!!!!! YOURE A GONER WHEN WE FIND YOU!!!!

Axel: Gah!! I said I was Sorry!!! *runs out as fast as Feliciano, who ironically, was running next to him to avoid training that Ludwig forced him to do*

Moon: *tries to get up, only to be trampled by the girls who were in pursuit of Axel*

Arctic: *helps him up* This place get more hostile by the minute. Oh, and if anyone tries to blame you or threatens you, just let me know. We'll make sure they don't forget. *leaves*

Moon: *gets a book in Runic and starts reading it*

~Lunch time skip~

Moon: *limps to his room to heal his broken leg from an argument between Bass, ZM, Mid, and Koruption that turned violent*

Cyber: *watches him fall from a trip wire Prometheus set up*

Pandora: *fighting with Nightmare Aura over who's stronger*

Cyber: *helps Moon to his room then leaves*

Moon: *limps to his bed and takes a quick sleep*

~at 11:00 pm when mostly everyone is asleep~

Moon: *gets up and tests his leg, which healed as he slept. He walks around the hallway, looking out the windows to see the moon and stars. He walks into the kitchen, since he usually slept through dinner*

Mid: *eating a large steak*

ZM: *reading a newspaper*

Moon: *gets a bowl of cereal and sits next to his brother*

~after eating~

Moon: *sitting in a study in his own home, on the moon. Small miniature stars shined all around*

Mid: *fazes through the walls* We got to head back now. It's nearly 1:30.

*Moon nods and teleports with his brother back to the other home. They both get ready for bed then sleep the rest of the night away*

Epic book of K!... And friends!Lies diese Geschichte KOSTENLOS!