6 smart angel

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Jake Sands

Hmmm. I guess the angel is smarter than I thought. This only adds to the catch. Her reactions are priceless. Now I'm going to have to ditch the best friend plan. She cares way too much. I'm thinking I'm going to play with her own heart then.

But first, I have to join the popular clique somehow, and find me a nice little curvy blond. Perfect.

I honestly didn't expect her to burst like that though. That chic is sensitive. I have to play my cards carefully or I'm going to hurt her more that I intended. The aim not to hurt but to fave fun. After all this, iI'll apologize. I think. I don't think I've done many apologies.

Oh goodie, here comes second recess and I'm going to have the angel all to myself. She will probably beat me up. But it's honestly worth it. Legit.

I was in science and not paying attention when this cute blond came over. She was so hot. She was my type, but for some reason I decided against it and sent her on her way. Two minutes later she was making out with Joe. Wow. I still wonder why I declined, but I'm in for my own fun with that Emma girl. She is hilarious.

Second Recess. Perfect.

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