I quickly hung up the phone, my eyes were teary. I got up and remembered the fact she thought I was at home and not here. I got ready and got on my bike. I sped quickly to the station. I burst into the room and towards the front desk.

"I'm here to see Mariana Vasquez."
"She isn't seeing anyone."
"It's my mother."
"Okay, come with me."

The lady took me to a room with chairs, phones and a big wall of plexiglass. A door on the other side opened and a police officer came in and my mother followed. She sat down across from me and grabbed the phone.

"What do you want?" She asked angrily.
"I came to tell you I'm not helping you."
"Why, Kaitlyn I did everything for you."
"Getting drunk, punching walls, not showing any affection for me at all, that's what you call doing everything for me?"

She rolled her eyes and gave me a dirty look. I stood up and turned to the lady.

"I'm done." I told her.
"Are you sure?" She asked.
"Yes, can I go now?"
"Of course."

I put my bag on my shoulder and walked out without turning back. I got on my bike and sped back home. When I got there Megan and Brantley were sitting on the couch together. I threw my bag on the shelf and sat down on the couch right in between them.

"Make yourself comfortable." Megan said sarcastically.
"I saw my mom."
"Wait, what? Why didn't you tell me? Kaitlyn I would've gone with you. Are you crazy?"
"Megan, chill out. She called this morning and asked for bail money or she basically implied she would beat the shit out of me, I went there and said I wouldn't do it and she gave me that look, and I left."
"Yeah so now I just wait until she gets out and skips town just like the last time she was arrested. God only knows when though."

Megan sat there in shock, until a knock on the door broke the silence. It was Niall. I went to the door and opened it up before the cold winter air could get in.

"Are you crazy?"
"Just a little." he said laughing.
"Come in here and warm up. Your not even wearing a big coat."

I sat him down on the edge of my bed and next to the fireplace. I handed him a blanket and sat down by him.

"Why on gods green earth would you drive on a motorcycle in this cold weather?"
"Megan said you were just out."
"Yeah, but I got back before even the wind picked up."
"Okay, well I don't have an excuse I just really wanted to see you."
"Niall you are the sweetest guy I have ever met."

He smiled and shivered a little.

"Here get sit in this chair." I said pointing to the recliner.
"You need to get warm. What would your mother say about this?"
"Well, she would probably cost someone a great deal of money."
"What do you mean?"
"She's in jail. I live by myself."
"Niall. Why didn't you tell me?"
"Because then you would act differently around me."
"Niall, I took care of myself."
"It's different."
"Why don't you stay here tonight."
"I should get going soon."
"Niall, I don't think you have a choice." I said looking out the glass door in the main room.

He smiled. I stood up and walked to the downstairs kitchen to grab something to eat for dinner. I found some pasta so I made angel hair pasta. I put it in some bowls and grabbed some forks. I put the bowls on a tray and served Megan, Brantley and Niall. We all sat in the bedroom watching The Walking Dead. When the episode was over I put the dishes in the sink, rinsed them off and put them in the dishwasher. I put on my pajamas and put my hair back into a ponytail. I layed down in my bed, plugged in my phone and sat up. Niall still sat in the recliner.

"You can sit on my bed."
"Are you sure?"
"Of course."
"Okay." he said standing up and sitting next to me.

We watched tv until around 11:30. Then the tv went off and so did the lights. The power was out. I grabbed my flashlight and turned it on. We decided just to go to sleep since there was nothing to do this late. I got under the covers and layed close to Niall. The next morning the power was still out so we stayed in bed with heaps of blankets on us.

"I'm gonna get you some warm clothes."
"Kaitlyn, I'm fine. Really."
"Niall, I'm gonna get you some warm sweatpants and a different shirt."
"Really you don't have to."
"I know. I want to." I said walking to the storage room.

I pulls out a box of Christmas presents that were never used and found what I was looking for. They were for Megan's step-brother, he unwrapped them but never wanted to take them home. I handed Niall the clothes and told him to change so he would be warmer. He went to the bathroom to change.

"I hope you don't mind that I put those clothes to use."
"Not at all I was going to tell you to give them to him."

I sat back under my piles of blankets and got snuggled in. A few minutes later Niall came out and sat next to me. Megan made some hot chocolate, turned up the heat, got some heated blankets, and shut the door to trap heat. It was around 4:00 when I went out to the main room to look outside when I saw snow, piled up close to the top of the sliding door. We were officially snowed in.

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