Chapter 6

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Chapter 6


I don’t even argue. There’s no point.


Because the hatred in Game’s eyes is more powerful than my frustration.


He doesn’t speak. He’s moved to stand next to Marie, and they’re both just staring at me.


Marie keeps looking at my neck where the chain lies. She looks up at Game, and narrows her eyes. He nods slightly, and Marie walks forward. I start to back away slowly, my hand reaching up to my neck.


“Alaina?” a voice calls. I don’t turn my head, because Marie’s getting closer and baring her fangs.


“Give me the necklace, or else.” she growls.


“ALAINA!” I turn my head the slightest bit to see Belle running towards me.


“Ignore the brat.” Marie spits. “Now give. Me. The necklace.” she’s getting closer, and my hand meets the clasp, and I slowly undo it.


“Alaina no! DON’T GIVE IT TO HER!” Belle screams, and I take the wings and the chain in my hand. I glance at Belle, who’s so close.


“Good. Now give.” Marie growls, holding out her hand. I extend my arm, getting closer to her. I look in her eyes…


And turn last minute and throw the necklace to Belle.


I can hear Marie’s scream of rage before I fall to the ground under her weight and she starts to choke me. I gasp for breath, but call out to Belle.

“PUT IT……. ON!” Marie’s grip tightens, and I’m trying to grab her arm and push her off, but it’s no use.


“What’s going on here?” a voice yells, and I can faintly hear Belle’s voice. My vision gets blurry, and I stop trying to breath.


“Sleep Alaina.” Marie growls. “You deserve to die.”




I pull in a shaky breath as my eyes shoot open. I reach to my neck, only to find bare skin. I sigh, and pull my hand away. Marie didn’t choke me to death, thankfully.


I sit up, and realize I’m in a cave. A Scavenger’s cave. I’m on a pile of blankets, and my blue one is covering me.


I get up, pulling the blanket over my shoulders. I look around, and Belle’s standing in the corner. She smiles when I look at her.


“I’m not sure you even need me as your Guardian Angel.” she says. “You did come back to life. With no bruises or damage to your throat whatsoever.”

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