Even Bigger News

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*2 Weeks Later*
I wake up with a start. I run to the bathroom and I start throwing up. Peeta's knocking on the door.
"Katniss? Katniss? Are you okay? Can I come in? Katniss?" Peeta pleads.
"No. Please. Just give me a minute." I say. I know Peeta's seen me at my worst but I really don't want him to see me like this.
I finally stop throwing up and I let Peeta in and I brush my teeth. Peeta rubs my back and I start to feel better.
"I'll make you some eggs and toast." Peeta says.
I put my hair in a braid. It makes me feel 16 again. Even though that was just 2 years ago.
I go downstairs and Peeta but the food on a plate. We lay on the couch together and decide not to do much today since I might be sick.
And 5 hours later I start throwing up again.
Oh no. I run to the bathroom where my mother kept pregnancy tests.
"Katniss, can I come in? Unlock the door Katniss." Peeta pleads.
Positive. The test comes out positive.
I unlock the door and Peeta sees. He immediately hugs me. We call the doctor and make an appointment for next week. I call my mother first, then Haymitch, Annie, Fin, and Johanna come over and we tell them the news.
"That didn't take long." Haymitch says.
We tell everyone to go home early because I don't feel well.
Peeta and I go to bed.
"Yes, Peeta?"
"I love you. And I already love this baby. I'm terrified that I might have a flashback and hurt you and the baby. But whatever happens, I'll always be here for you."
I respond by kissing him.
We eventually fall asleep after talking and laughing for a while.

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