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WARNING: Wattpad won't allow this to be anything but R rated. But its content is of real life events and injustice happening in our world today. Everything written is 100% accurate. So I will strongly caution you that the following content displays graphic violence. Viewer discretion is Advised.

You are not a person but a slave

You belong to men, and you must behave

You do not make choices,

But rather choices are made for you

You are not worthy until you prove you can do

You are to bear children, to wait on hand and foot

You clean the home, on your knees wiping away dirt and soot

You cover yourself from head to toe

Don't bare skin, or you'll be punished for show

You are to marry as you are told

You are to love the chosen man, till you grow old

But if you break your vow, your sacred duty to god

You will be killed, raped, dismembered as others applaud

You break the family's honor and the family will take it back

Every feature, every shade of makeup is under attack

If you flirt, fall in love, divorce, have pre-marital sex, disobey in any way

You will take your last breath, your last everything on that very same day

You are beholden to your perception, to your every last move

You must do as you are told from the day you are born, you must prove

Prove you are worthy to live, or else you are a goner

They will take your life, take your will, to take back their "Honor"

"Every year at least 5,000 women are killed in the world from honor killings. If they divorce abusive husbands, they have sex before marriage, have an affair, dress "inappropriately", speak up, defy their husbands, brothers, fathers, they are killed. Women in the middle east are being killed for the slightest improprieties. A girl who flirted, and touched another boy was stabbed to death by her father. A 28 year old woman in Pakistan was killed by her mother and another man for seeking a divorce from her abusive husband of 10 years.

A 22 year old mother of two in kolkata, India ran away to live with an old friend, to escape her abusive husband of 8 years (she married at 14), and was later beheaded in public by her brother. Who took her severed head to a police station with pride and turned himself in. He said, he wanted to regain his families "honor" for his sisters indiscretions. Another 15 year old girl was killed for being "raped" by another man. Her family felt she brought shame on them for loosing her virginity to a man before marriage. Many Honor Killings are not reported, leaving it hard to put a precise number on annual victims.

Of the victims who are reported, they are reported as being, raped, dismembered, buried alive, burned, stabbed, electrocuted, beheaded, and hung. For the slightest indiscretion a woman will be brutally killed and left on public display all for the sake of one word, "Honor"." - HanMan

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