Chapter 18: SmackDown

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carrying my bag into the arena I was in a rather good mood. not only was I working with the guys but ibwas working with Serena.   and thr best part is that randy couldn't do anything about it. everything was falling in place.

I walked into the locker room to find Colby chit  tlaking to Serena.  I watched as a smile grew on Serena s face as her and Colby were having there conversation.  as a smile appreed on her face I let a small smile creep my face

it was then that I realized that Serena was my dream girl.  she was the girl I've been waiting  for . shes perfect.

as I closed the door I got the attention of both Colby and Serena.  " well its about time you got here slow poke" I turned around to see Serena giggling and Colby with a smirk on his face

" shut up colby jack"I said as I walked toward the cubbies. Serena got quiet before bursting out into laughter. " he called you cheese. . ya get it.. Colby jack..  its a type of cheese.Colby looked at Serena and she slowly stopped laughing.

  tonight was instresting. tonight colby had a match as well as Serena.  but with Serenas match I would be going down ringside just to make sure somebody *cough ..randy .cough cough doesn't interfere. 

as I got myself ready  for tonight I heard the door open. the three of us turn to see joe coming thru the door.  as everybody was finally in the locker room we were able to go over team strategy.  since I was going out to the ring with Serena joe was going out with Colby. collectively as a group we were  ready for tonight.

Serena pov
*on screen*

I was out in the ring waiting for my oppoent. dean was on commentary. as Camerons theme played throughout the area I was prepared for this match. she got into the ring and looked at me before flipping her hair. I rolled my eyes in aggravation.  I was determined to beat her.

jon's pov

there she was. the match was going on for a good 15 minutes about now and serena was beating Cameron.  I was hoping Serena would win this match. I was snapped of my thoughts by Michael cole." so dean with you guys having Serena arent you guys nervous about randy coming after you guys?

this only mad me laugh. " the shield is never afraid of anything or anybody.  if he didn't wqnt his girlfriend to get snatched up then he should have never got involed with the shield.

as I got finished with my sentence I heard the bell ring. I looked up to see the ref  rasing Serenas hand in victory.  I smirk. I took my head set off without a goodbye.  I got into the ring and looked at Serena.  she looked so happy that she won her match. she turned to me and looked at me. I grabbed her wrist and raised it only earning cheers from the crowd.  we both got out the ring and made our way thru the curtain.

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