Chapter 18

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Xanders POV

We got home Christmas morning. I was really excited to see Harlow. My beautiful mate. I know she's been suffering a lot lately and hopefully now that I'm home we'll both get better. I go upstairs to my room and I see Harlow laying in bed. Sleeping like an angel. She looked beautiful as always. Maybe even more beautiful. I kissed her forehead softly and I go into the bathroom to take a quick shower. I get dressed into dark blue jeans , a black long sleeve sweater vneck and a beige sweater. I lay beside her on bed. Waiting patiently for her to wake up.

She opens her eyes slowly and stares at me in shock. She pokes my face over and over again.

"Am I dreaming? " she whispers sofly and I laugh at her.

"No baby girl. I'm really here." I tell her and she shakes her head.

"Don't lie to me in my own dream. That's not nice." She says and closes her eyes and opens them.

"Why won't I wake up?" She whines.

"Harlow babe your awake ." I tell her and she closes her eyes again and opens them. I roll my eyes. I press my lips against hers and she responds back eagerly. I lay on top of her and she holds me close to her.

"Please don't be a dream." She whispers as a tear escapes her eye.

"I'm really here Harlow." I tell her and she kisses me again.

"If you ever leave me again I'm going to kill you. " she says and I laugh at her.

"I missed you too. " I tell her and she kisses me.

"I love you. " she says as she blushes and I feel like im going to explode with happiness.

"I love you more." I tell her and I sit down beside her and I pull her onto my lap. She rests her head on my chest and kisses it gently. I nuzzle her neck and take in her scent.

"You smell different. " I tell her.

"Not you too. My dad said the same thing." She says annoyed.

"How are you feeling? " I ask her.

"Im better now that your here with me. So dont worry. I went to the doctor yesterday and she said I'll get the results today. You tell me how are you feeling. " She tells me.

"Baby I'm fine." I tell her and she glares at me.

"Did you forget that I feel everything you feel?" She tells me.

"Their not that bad. The worst has healed. It only hurts when I move a lot. " I tell her and as I get close to kiss her, she pushes me and runs to the bathroom. She started throwing up. I got up after her and I rub her back and lift her hair out of her face.

"Babe let's go to the doctor again. " I tell her while she brushes her teeth.

"No I'm fine. Besides I went yesterday, the nurse did a blood test." She says and I pick her up and she squeals .

"Xander you put me down now. I can walk thank you very much. " she says with a pout and I kiss her pout away.

Her arms wrap tight around my neck and her legs wrap around my waist. I push her against the wall. She pulls at my hair and I start biting on her bottom lip. She moans into my mouth and her hands travel under my shirt. I lick her mark and she licks mines. I bite down and she screams in pleasure.

"Xander I need you." She says and I rip off her shirt.

"Harlow, Xander. Come down for breakfast." I hear my mom say and we both groan.

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