Chapter 48

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Bo's POV
We'd wriggled around a bit during the night, Harry half on top of me at one point before I woke him and pushed him off. It couldn't have been more than an hour later until I was coaxed from a contented sleep by Harry prodding at my cheek. Apparently I had taken it upon myself to coerce the duvet from him in my heavy-eyed state. My body had huddled up in the majority of the covers leaving him somewhat cold and bare. I distinctly remembered Harry calling me a "sausage roll" as he laughed before playfully fighting with me to win back his half. Once victorious, I'd warmed his cool skin as we repositioned and cuddled down into the bed facing each other. My fingers had brushed his cheek, the pitch black of the room forcing me to discover his smile with the only indication available to me. Harry sleepily giggled as I pressed the pad of my thumb into his dimple.
"It's late love, go to sleep."
When morning broke I discovered Harry, sprawled out on the mattress and limiting me to the small strip he had left. I was on my back, Harry on his front with his arm resting on my stomach, fingers splayed and lightly gripping my side. Even in sleep he wouldn't let me stray too far.
Harry's POV
Giggling. That's what I could hear as I attempted to brush away the invisible nuisance blowing a draft to the back of my neck. Before Bo, I had only ever really woken up to the sound of my alarm clock or the rays of light infiltrating through the bedroom blinds. But with her, she seemed to discover new ways of rousing me from sleep. I turned my head to the right on the pillow, tightening my arm around the body that was currently wiggling in my embrace. My eyes remained closed, wishing to fall back into a comfortable sleep, but my pursuit of rest proved unsuccessful. Another blast of warm air could be felt, this time on my right cheek.
"Harry." She quietly prodded with her words.
Upon receiving my groan of complaint, Bo took the opportunity to take my ear lobe between her teeth, lightly tugging before her voice was heard again.
"Harry..shift over."
She had told me before that I hardly left any room for her to lie. I guess it was a difficult habit to break after becoming accustomed to having the whole of the double mattress for a number of years. Even when I brought girls back, none of them would stay. It was almost like they knew I had nothing else to give other than sex. There was no emotion in it, no cuddling afterwards. I always awoke to an empty bed in the morning. Always alone. And until now I hadn't realised what was missing.
"It's too early." My tone strained.
Bo laughed as I reluctantly rolled onto my back. She gravitated towards me, curling up into my side. I couldn't explain it; there was just something about waking up with the person you adored. Being able to wrap your arms around them and freely speak words of love. Long hair tickled at my uncovered expanses, big blue eyes peering up at me. She really was a pretty sight.
"You're warm." I hummed as Bo snuggled further into me, her skin heated against my own. "And very naked." I appreciatively admired.
A hand batted mine away as I tried to feel her up. My laughing resulted in a light punch to my left shoulder.
"What time is it?"
"Time for you to get up." Bo poked at my stomach.
"Or" I rolled to my side "maybe it's time for you to make me a cup of tea."
I grinned in hopes of convincing her to abandon comfort for my needs, but it only caused her eyebrows to raise.
"You're kidding." She remarked.
Her eyes fell to my deliberately pouted lips as I shifted to hover over her.
"I love you."
"Aww." Bo cooed, fingers brushing my cheek. "I love you too, but I'm still not making you a cup of tea, you cheeky bastard." She wickedly laughed, flicking my nose before shoving me off and back to the mattress.
"Fine." I huffed.
We had easily conversed under the covers for another hour more, discussing what our plans were for the week ahead. Hayley's party became a talking point before we moved onto something a little closer to home.
"I've never had it like that before."
"What do you mean?" Bo turned to face me.
Her attractive features held interest as I continued, propping myself up on my elbow. The material covering her chest fell away slightly until she readjusted it. But not before the sight of a few small love bites were revealed. They were mix of pink, lightly speckled with purple, evidence of gestures acted out in the heat of the moment. They looked beautiful on her.
"Like talking." My head shook as she appeared confused. "I mean, other than saying how good it feels. I like that I can just talk to you."
Bo had left her mark on me in the shape of nail scrapes and raised red lines. But one stood out from the rest, an affectionate bruise I was particularly fond of. A love bite just below my right peck. I knew it was only temporary, but I strangely liked it. With Bo's head on my chest, she witnessed my mindless tracing to which she leant in and delicately kissed the skin that she once harshly sucked.
"You've not had that with anyone else?" She curiously questioned, moving back to her previous position.
"No, it was just a 'get the job done' kind of thing." I explained. "I don't think talking was top on the list of things to do when I brought girls back."
"How many women have you been with?"
I could tell it was something that had troubled Bo for a while by the innocent look on her face. I frowned as I stared at her. Both of us were laid on our sides, closely facing each other. My fingers were fiddled with as she waited for my reply.
"You don't really want me to answer that, do you?" I paused to absorb her defeated expression. "A fair few." I admitted. "Why does it matter?"
"It's just, you know so much and I..."
"No, no, Baby. Every woman is different and I'm still learning with you. If you think about it, it's probably easier for you."
"Why?" Bo pried.
"You don't have any other experience." Her face tingled pink with my words. "No other guy has tainted your mind with what he likes and dislikes. You only know how to please me and you no idea how hot that is."
The shy smile Bo wore told me I'd won her around. I kissed at her neck, gently urging Bo onto her back as I shifted over the beautiful girl beneath me. Her hair was everywhere, fanned out over the pillow, just as it was when we slept. It was something I found a challenge to adapt to as we cuddled at night; more often than not I would end up with strands tickling at my face as I slotted in behind Bo. I smiled, sweeping waves away from her eyes before leaning down to brush my hot words to her ear with my lips.
"I love that I'm still learning where you liked to be touched, what turns you on." My voice became rougher, lightly grazing my thumb to a peaked nipple. "What gets you wet."
She broke our heated eye contact as I slicked my lips, watching as the tip of my index trailed an invisible line down between her full chest. Bo's long lashes fluttered, breath ragged as I gently squeezed her left breast.
"I know you still find it difficult to be touched here." I spoke as fingertips traced over the sizable scar.
I took note of how her body reacted, frozen, almost frightened beneath my careful gesture. It was a horrible feeling to witness her distress, but it seemed to be getting easier.
"Please." She begged.
A parting kiss was left to the brandished skin before I rolled off. Bo was lightly trembling as my arm coaxed her into me, flush to my side.
"I'm sorry." She hushed into my chest.
"Don't apologise."
Bo's POV
"I need to pee." I informed Harry, struggling to free myself from the tangle of limbs.
I ruffled his hair, the distraction providing me the chance to escape despite the tickle of fingers.
"Go and pee then." He laughed.
I caught hold of the duvet, sliding it from the bed before my efforts were stunted. I glanced back to see Harry, covers clenched tightly in his fists. The rumple of curls on his head poked out from his cosy cocoon.
"No." He whined in a pout.
I was at a disadvantage if it came down to a tug of war.
"Harry, I need to go." My voice pleaded.
"Leave the duvet."
"But, I...Harry, I haven't got anything on."
My bottom lip became trapped between my teeth as I scanned the floor for some clothes, everything was out of reach. There was nothing I could quickly grab by just leaning out of bed. A t-shirt was folded over by the chair, but that still required a substantial run.
"I don't mind." Harry grinned.
Of course he wouldn't mind. I on the other hand wasn't all that comfortable with giving him a streaking show. But I really needed to pee.
Oh, sod it.
I could feel the blaze of Harry's vision watching as I cautiously slipped from the warmth of bed. I swore at the cool feel to the air, deciding I wasn't going to draw this out any longer than necessary. A squeak escaped my mouth as Harry pinched my backside in what he thought would be encouragement. It certainly got me moving. My back was kept to him. But my hurried dash was accompanied by an appreciative whistle as Harry stuck his fingers in his mouth.
"Go on, Baby!" He shouted before I slammed the bathroom door laughing.
Upon finishing using the facilities I prepared myself to face Harry in all my naked glory once again. But I didn't have to.
"There's a shirt and shorts on the door handle." He called.
I cracked the door a small way to discover the clothes Harry had hung for me. I thanked him with a blown kiss which he humorously accepted from his position in bed. The shirt was familiar to me, the one that I had informally acquired from Harry's wardrobe. It was dark, chequered and held his masculine scent. I tugged the shorts up before revealing myself to the room in which Harry was waiting. He smiled still tucked into the desired security of the duvet.
"Now that you're up, you can get me that cup of tea."
So that's what he'd planned.
"But you must have had to get up to put the clothes on the door."
He innocently shrugged.
"Good girl."
"Don't patronise me." I scolded to which Harry laughed.
A black hairband was swiped from the side and I used it to tie my hair back from my face in a messy ponytail as I strolled down the hall. I entered the kitchen, quickly regretting my choice of bare feet against the icy tiles. Before getting mugs down I flicked on the radio, recognising the recent song of a band I'd introduced Harry to.
I had no idea why he insisted in storing the needed mugs so high up. My body had to scale the kitchen worktop in order to reach the top shelf of the far-right cupboard. Once safely down I placed tea bags in each and waited for the kettle to boil whilst singing along to the radio. The noise from down the hall was drowned out with the music presently playing, and I assumed it was the postman pushing letters through the front door.
The fridge door swung open, stooping to a lower level in search of the milk. I let out a groan.
"Harry!" I called. "Harry, you put the empty milk carton back in the fridge again!"
He was a right pest when it came to this sort of thing. I'd told him before, if it's empty put it in the bin or recycle it. Harry never seemed to learn. I took his silent reply as a sign of disregard. Maybe he knew I was annoyed and was choosing to steer clear. Whatever the reason, I decided to confront him.
However, I soon discovered an empty bed when peeling back the duvet. I padded over to the bathroom door, knocking twice only to gather the absence of Harry's presence in that space as well.
He was in the living room, his back to the doorframe. A pair of joggers had been tugged up Harry's lower half, leaving his stunning torso on show. I couldn't understand his uncharacteristic quiet until my eyes fell upon the two women he was focusing on. I had an awful feeling I was interrupting the conversation that had ceased upon my arrival. But the uncertainty didn't last long.
The milk carton fell to the floor as the older out of the two females flung her arms around my neck. I must have looked like a rabbit in headlights. I was tightly squeezed, forced to absorb the sweet smelling perfume she wore. As emotional tears trickled down to my skin, I reciprocated her embrace in an attempt to comfort. I felt disorientated, having no clue what was going on.
"Thank you for bringing my baby back to me." She quietly cried.

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