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Sherlock joined the chatroom and labelled it 'Flatmates'

Sherlock- Well... now that John has gotten married. I guess he has to move out. But I am not sad, he is just like every other person in this small world.

Watson joined the chatroom

Watson- Sherlock, you know I can stay for a few days. We still haven't found a house yet.

Sherlock- John just go on your Sex holiday. I mean.. honeymoon. Now that you've gone I can rearrange the living room. I think I will move your chair....

Watson- Fine if your going to be like that... Laters

Watson left the chatroom

Mike S joined the chatroom

Mike S- Where is John? *sigh* It's.. you... How is my sister sleeping with my brother?!

Sherlock-Do you remember when you first introduced me to John? That's when. She sneaked out when you weren't there and then in the process she got closer.

Mike S- So it's to do with Sex? That is great, just great(!)

Sherlock- Sex doesn't alarm me.

Mycroft joined the chatroom

Mycroft- How would you ever know...

Sherlock- Get out Mycroft!

Sherlock kicked out Mycroft

Sherlock- So, Mike, you looking for a flat?

Mike S- No i'm with my sister.

Sherlock- Well.. not for any longer, as soon as you speak to her about her and your brother, you won't have a home, so come on...

Mike S- No.... I am staying...

Sherlock- And also did you know

Mike S left the chatroom

Sherlock- Oh... well I best be off

Sherlock left the chatroom


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