Beneath the Flesh: Chapter 3

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The next week at school was perfect, even though I had to skip the first and third lesson I got to see Wick during lunch, break and after school at the Wendy House. He was helping me rebuild it, it had been 2 months since my pack had gone to Forks and everything had changed. It seemed to be going well until the picture was taken. It happened on the Wednesday at The Wendy House...

We left the school gates holding hands and laughing, he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waste as he carried me into the forest. Rhoda's two friends followed us, we could hear them so we decided to walk instead of wolf up and run. We arrived at the Wendy House and he pulled out his tool box and we got to work, we'd replaced the door with a normal small door and filled in the holes. We hadn't got round to painting it before dark, we sat on the edge of the mountain staring at the woods around us. We were just above the cloud bank and everything was quiet. You could hear the leaves rustling of the leaves as the wind picked up and the sun went down, werewolves don't get cold easily.
"It's getting dark." Wick looked up at the stars, there were no clouds in the sky and everything just seemed perfect. He took my hand and pulled me off the floor, into his arms and kissed me, "You're magnificent." He stopped kissing me and smiled before kissing me again.
"We have school tomorrow. Is there any point in heading back down the mountain?" I ran my fingers through his hair.
"Nope. Let's just stay up here." He picked me up, opened the door with his foot and we went inside. We just curled up under the old picnic blanket and stared at the stars through a gaping hole in the roof. I forgot anything else existed, it was just me and him and this Wendy House up on this mountain surrounded by these trees. My world was complete, with him here. With me.

The next day we headed back down the mountain, I hadn't changed my clothes in a while but I didn't care.We reached the edge of the forest and he took my hand as we walked through the gates like any normal day, he let go of my hand and walked towards his friends as they all patted his back and cheered at him.
"What the hell?" He laughed along with his friends. One of them pulled out their phone and showed him the picture, I pulled my hood up and continued walking. Little did I know that Bitch 1 and Bitch 2 had taken pictures of us going inside the Wendy House in the dark, everyone in school had the picture from some source of social media. Wick ran over to me, grabbing my waste and hugging me from behind,
"It's not true. We know that. Baby, it's gonna be okay." He kissed my cheek and walked with me, suddenly all the girls in my year rushed over to me; crowding me and squealing. Rhoda and her friends stood scowling at me in their little corner by the Canteen window. Their attempt to ruin me just made me well-known throughout the year. I heard a girl shout,
"Omg you guys are so hot!" She cackled as their was a laugh of agreement. I pushed Wick off me and pushed my way through the crowds, breathing heavily, red faced and freaking out. Wick ran after me escaping the swarm of screaming teens,
"Branwen, don't go." He grabbed my hand but I shook him off me,
"I'll be back in a second, I just need to calm down." I stood behind a corner where no one could see me and I tried to calm down, the whole school knew this false accusation and yet I wasn't a social outcast. I knew Rhoda wouldn't stop at that, she's always been competitive. Guess she'd found her new sport.

Another week went by and the rumour had gone down, still a few year 7s would approach me and giggle but that didn't bother me. We still hadn't gotten round to painting the Wendy House, we just sat up on the mountain watching the sunsets and the stars. Letting time just slip through our fingers, perfect. Watching the sunsets with Wick had become my new favourite pass time, watching the oranges, purples and pinks fade into greens then blues then black. Watching the vast forests become engulfed in shadows and howling at the moon before sleeping out under the stars.

I decided as soon as I'd woken up I'd slip away back to my house and get some new uniform and freshen up before school, I wrote a note on some squared paper from my bag and used a rock as a paper weight. The note read:

Ive gone to home to get some new clothes,
I'll be back soon. Don't leave without me,
- Branwen xx

I got back home quite quickly, I got a shower and checked my laptop, another picture was posted online of me in the girls toilets on the floor of a cubicle with the caption,
'When's the due date? :D'
Now everyone thought I was pregnant? I fell onto the floor and cried, I didn't know what to do, I didn't know what I'd done. I'm finally happy and Rhoda's trying to ruin this for me. Why? I shut the laptop screen and dried my eyes, I gathered my things and ran back up to the mountain to see Wick pacing around stressed.
"Have you seen Facebook, Bran?" He had tears down his face.
"I saw it..." I couldn't continue talking, I burst into tears and began to stumble before he caught me in his arms.
"Hey, we are gonna get through this. Maybe let's not go in today?" His voice was so calming and caring.
"No. They'll just think I am. And Rhoda can't just lie about me and get away with it. I just wanna tear her..." He interrupted me,
"Woah, it's okay. We will go in and I won't leave your side all day. I'll wait outside your classrooms so you don't have to walk alone." He let go of me and put out the fire we had going last night.
"Okay." I tried to smile but he knew it wasn't genuine, I rubbed my eyes until there were no more tears but I could tell they would be all red and puffy.

We walked into school with our heads down, I clung to his arm and he clung to me. All the girls that had previously adored me were turning their backs on me, whispering to their friends as I walked by and scowling at me. Wick gave them all dirty looks as I pulled my hood up and hid behind my hair. Wick's friends didn't want to even look at him, they all moaned in disgust as he walked by. We had no one, everyone believed this lie. I caught eyes with Rhoda, I stormed straight up to her, grabbed her by her hair and ragged her to the side,
"What is your fricking problem?" I angrily stared at her.
"What?" She pulled this sneaky smile like butter wouldn't melt,
"You told the whole year that I'm pregnant! At the age of 14 with a guy I've been going out with for a month!" I was so angry controlling myself was becoming impossible,
"Look, it was bound to happen at sometime. No one spends that much time together."
"Did you even take into account that I don't know, I love him? Or we enjoy eachother a company?" I gripped her hair tighter. She looked at me in shock,
"Did you imprint?" She sounded so afraid.
"Keep your voice down!" I released the grip I had on her hair.
"I didn't know, omg I'm so sorry! If I'd know you guys were serious I wouldn't have done... Wait is he a wolf too?"
"Yes. And I don't know how you can call yourself one! Turning on me when I needed you. Who does that Rhoda?"
"Oh I don't know, ask the guy who killed your mum!" She suddenly became very vicious.
"Don't you dare speak about my mother!" I grabbed her ear and shook her head, I let go, grabbed Wick's arm and stormed off.

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